Character Interveiw

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     Yep, you guys read right. I'm officially planning on doing a character interview. So ask comment on this chapter about questions you would like to ask. Please write which character you are asking the character. You may ask as many questions as you want. Once I have gathered enough questions I will work on the interview, but lately Ashley 's schedule has been busy with Zero, so she might have trouble squeezing me in. We'll make it work.

      I'm hoping all of you got through Hurricane Harvey. I've been volunteering a lot and helping out anyway I can. You may also comment and tell me about the hurricane if you want.

    Thanks for being supportive so far, and please don't get mad if this interview doesn't come out as soon as you hoped. It's all up to you guys if you want this interview to happen. I at least need fifteen questions. Thank you!

    See you next Update,


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