12. Queen Of Tasers

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       "Wait, so how can you speak English?" I ask, twiddling my thumbs and feeling Zero's heavy gaze resting on me.

I most likely could have worded that question differently to sound more like an intellectual, but oh well, might as well just roll with it now.

        "A long time ago, a stranger managed to sail to our island. I believe his name was Christopher Dumbass or something like that."

      I snort a laugh, my hands clamping around my mouth to hold n my laughter. "You mean, Christopher Columbus? The guy who sailed the  ocean blue In fourteen hundred ninety two? That Christopher?"

      He nods. "Yes. What did I say?"

      I let a little choked laugh out, shaking my head. "Nothing, you can continue."

      He eyes me like he thinks I will interrupt him again, but I make a mouth zipping motion, which seems to confuse him momentarily.

      "This Christopher human met up with a few of our people and learned a bit of the language we speak, which you people now call English. He told us of his travels, and his mission. Once our people learned of the greedy, land hungry humans, we had to protect our island. The Bermuda Triangle was created around the same time my people came into existence, so there are no records of how or why it was created, but we can only assume it's a sort of protection for us."

        "Okay. So tell me about your island." I say, eager for him to keep talking.

     Zero's eyes light up, the grey almost seeming to glow. "It's name is Dalton, and the people there are separated into three groups."

      "Like races?" I ask. He pauses, before nodding.

      "Close. You're either a Darkling, a Lightling, or a Kinling. The Darkling's rule one side of the island, where a dormant volcano rests, while the Lightling's take up the other half, which is jungles, plains, and a mountain. The Kinling's reside in groups all around, they don't belong to either group and are more a nomadic people."

      "What are you?" I ask, shifting in my seat. He swallows, his Adams apple bobbing and looking almost uncomfortable for a few seconds. I'm worried for a few seconds that what I asked was rude, but he speaks up before I can take it back.

      "I'm a Kinling. We have basic control over the Elements. Nothing big, just temperature among other things. The Darkling's hold the power of destruction. Although most Darkling's have a more muted ability when compared to the High Commander's power."

     "Who is the High Commander?" I interrupt again.

      Zero just smiles, seeming pleased with my interest. "The High Commander is the one who rules over the species. Trust me when I say you do not want to meet the Darkling's High Commander."

I wasn't planning anytime soon to go meet the person who rules over beings of destruction, but I decide to keep this sarcastic comment to myself.

       "What about the Lightlings?"

      "They have the power to create. Like I said, a common Lightling's power is very muted compared to the High Commander. The Lightling's High Commander is a woman named Malia. I think you would like her." He says thoughtfully, to which I nod along.

     Suddenly, a thought strikes me, making guilt wash over me in a wave. I don't know Zero's name. The revelation makes me feel horrible, but then I remind myself that I didn't even know he spoke English until today.

     "Um, Zero? I was wondering, since I finally know you can speak, what your name is."

      "Oh, right. Why do you humans call me by the name Zero?"

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