33. Dark Pasts and Zero's Confession

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The second Lager drops the bomb everything explodes.

It's not a huge, loud explosion, but a quick, deadly one. One that has you acting like everything is normal and you take a deep breath in, only to realize that you're dead before you get the chance to breathe out.

Becky's a Darkling. Becky's a Darkling.

The words keep ringing in my head but they don't make any sense.

How can she be a Darkling? I saw the light come out of her hands with my own eyes. It was light that came out, not illusions or darkness, that I'm sure about. So then why would Lager lie?

A few seconds of stunned silence have passed, in which all these thoughts have raced through my head.

The next thing I know, Becky is disconnecting the murderous and betrayed glare she was giving Lager before storming out the doors, almost running. Almost. But she's Becky. She never runs from anything.

Except, I think, looking back up at Lager, who's staring at the doors where Becky dissapeared through with some sadness, maybe him.

I take a step to run after Becky, but something stops me.

I glance back to see Zero, who's also staring at the doors, shaking his head, before nodding to my right. I look the way he's nodding only to see a flash of bright light, before a blue leopard sprints down the aisle, nearly a blur, chasing after her.

I relax slightly, sending a prayer to anyone who'll listen that Max manages to cheer her up.

There's a cough behind me, and I turn around, aware of Zero's hand still locked around my bicep. Lager's eyes flash to Zero's hand, before his golden eyes meet mine. I take this chance to glare at him.

"Did you have to do that?" I ask, keeping my gaze steady on his.

"Do what?" He feigns innocence.

"That," I say, gesturing to the door. "That was Becky's own secret to keep. I may not fully understand what her being a Lightling and Darkling entails, but I know enough to know you shouldn't have done that."

"You know nothing." He says softly, also keeping his eyes locked on mine, like we're in some internal battle.

"Then tell me." I say gently. His narrowed eyes soften, but then harden again. Like melted gold turning back into solid.

"First, have that Lynched take his ugly hand off you."

My eyes widen at the name Lyncher, but then I realize he's just referring to Zero. So Lyncher is an insulting term here. I can see why.

Zero growls in response, his hand tightening which makes me wince. When he sees my wince he immediately lets go, frowning. I nod at him to show him I'm okay, and a soft rumble comes from his chest. I turn back to Lager.

"While your explaining things, you'll also tell me what happened between Zero and you." I demand, watching from the corner of my eye as Zero goes ram rod straight.

Lager smirks happily, seeming all too pleased. "As you wish."

After a long pause of silence, in which Lager and Zero are having another battle of gold and silver, I start to tap my foot.

"Well get on with it." I snap, and Lager nods, turning to Sylvia, who immediately straightens.

"Back to your post."

She's gone with those simple words from Lager, disappearing nearly ad fast as Max did in leopard form.

"Yes, well, to start, you know for a fact that Becky's a Lightling." Lager begins, taking on the tone of a professor.

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