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I have reached 200 k views and am soooooooo happy! I can't tell you how much I love you guys, because your support has made this book bloom. It was little less than a year ago that I was happy to just have 100 views in all, but now I have 200 hundred thousand.

A few of you have been asking about how to make your book have views, and I can tell you the secret is to just keep writing. The more updates you have, the more votes. It may take a little while, but one day, when you least expect it, your book will be a hit and your notifications will keep going off like crazy. So I encrouurage you to keep writing and one day your book will experience the BOOM that hit mine.

As a thank you for the support, I have decided to give you a Lager's POV from the chapter where He first runs into a very drunk Ashley. I hope you enjoy!

Lager's p.o.v Chapter 29. Lager. Enjoy!

"This way," I command, leading my trooos through the forest.

The familiar tug in my gut is there, the same one that had been bothering me for months. Along with this feeling , I was immediately alerted when several beings who weren't Darklings entered Darkling territory.

It better not be a group of Kinlings. I've had enough of their reckless and bold antics, and I'm very afraid that if I were to find any in my territory now, I would not show mercy.

We are only a mile or two away from Highclere, when the feeling inside of me tightens, holding me in a vice like grip and I know that the reason behind the feeling is not far away.

When I sent that idiot Kinling High Commander to the island, I wanted him to see what was causing my discomfort, not bring it here.

I bark out orders to the best of th troops to keep continuing in this direction, before taking off by myself to get there to and try to stop them from getting any closer to Highclere unless I know they're not a threat to my people.

I break through a wall of trees, taking a nano-second to cast an illusion of darkness over me, only to run into a very hyper, very drunk, girl.

The feeling in my gut tightens even more, to the point where I'm even finding it hard to breathe.

The next thing I know a very angry Becky is pointing an orb of light at me, and the girl I just ran into is jumping in front of me. I quickly duck behind a few, throwing the illusion of darkness off me and taking a moment to collect myself.


She only been gone for a few weeks, but it feels like a lifetime.

I can't stop the guilt from returning, thinking back to the sleepless nights I spent worrying if she was alright, or if a Lyncher had found her, and putting the blame on myself. I should've known Granny Philips death would push her into running, and I should've been there for her, and I know it's no excuse, but I was grieving too.

Inhaling deeply, I sweep my cape behind me and step out and around the tree, leaning against it and crossing my arms.

The same time I do this my troops arrive, forming a semi-circle around them and ultimately distracting them from my prescence

The girl who crashed into me from before giggles, saying something about more friends coming. Every time I look at her, the feeling in my chest eases and tightens at the same time. Could she have soemthing to do with what I sensed on the island?

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