31. Queen of Whips

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"Hello, Ashley." She purrs.


Her smirk widens, and I look down at her hand as it moves, fingering what looks to be a coiled whip by her side.

A whip? Seriously? What happened to tasers?

My blood boils at the memory of what she put Zero and I through on the island. I know she's a Darkling and I probably shouldn't be that surprised to see her here in the main base of Darklings, but I mean c'mon.

We could have run into any other Darkling? I'm sure there's a huge population, so why not someone else?

"Glad to see you remembered me. Now follow." She says in that snide voice of hers, before turning on her black heeled boots and walking.

I didn't notice what she was wearing before, because I was too distracted at the very sight of her, but now I freely study her.

Black shorts and a black tank top, whip tied on a belt loop. Long black boots with spiky heals and her blonde hair tied up in a bun. Where can I get some shorts and a tank? And what a up with all the black? Is it the mandatory dress code color here?

I look down at my white t-shirt, stained with sweat.

Yep, I'm definitely gonna stand out.

"I'm waiting." Sylvia suddenly says further down the hall, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I refuse to budge, or even take a step towards her. She sees the defiance in my face and sighs, rolling her eyes.

"Fine. Don't come. But your friends will be wondering where you are." She taunts.

My fists clench, and although a very big part of me wants to refuse because it thinks she's lying, my other part doesn't want to risk it. That part of me also wants to find out where they sell tank tops.

I trudge after her, but not before glancing around for End. That back-stabbing traitor. He's dissapeared on me. Considering the fact that it's Sylvia, I don't really blame him, but still.

I follow Sylvia, keeping a ten yard distance at all times between us. My eyes are glued to her back as she walks, not once looking back to make sure I'm following.

"You know," Someone says suddenly right next to me. I jump, my head jerking to the side to see Sylvia walking right beside me. I quickly glance at the one in front to see it flicker out of existence.

Curse Sylvia and her annoying illusions.

"You walk really slow." She finishes her sentence after pausing to let the shock sink in.

I shuffle to the side, but meet her icy eyes with heated ones of my own.

"Listen, Sylvia. I don't want anything to do with you. You are going to take me to my friends, then we are going to leave and you'll never bother us again. Understand?"

I silently pat myself on the back for how confident I sound in that moment. Sylvia's smirk drops, her eyes narrowing. The ice queen just became a whole lot icier.

"No one gives me orders." She says lowly as we reach a set of huge oak double doors, where two Darkling guards stand at attention. Sylvia, eyes still locked with mine, flicks her fingers and the guards move, pushing open the huge doors. I don't pay attention, too determined on winning this battle against the wicked being in front of me.

"But what about your precious High Commander?" I mock, remembering how she held him in such high regards on the boat. It feels like that party happened a life time ago.

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