Experiment Zero by dangeroustoken
Experiment Zeroby dangeroustoken
There's more out there than you think. Ashley Cartwright works on a secluded island for her father as a secretary. The lab her father works at it planning on discov...
  • danger
  • excitement
  • adventure
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don't lie to me by thegaypotato12
don't lie to meby thegaypotato12
hii guys this is my first ike x firkle story I have ever wrote so please don't hate it that bad!!
  • firkle
  • smoking
  • change
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Aichi the misfortunate one  -cardfight vanguard by BerryBerryBlitz
Aichi the misfortunate one BerryBerryBlitz
Aichi is tricked and captured by scientists, he becomes part cat, and undergoes inhumanly treatment, will Aichi crumble? Or will he find a way to survive? Another FYI :...
  • neko
  • subject
  • fanfiction
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Project : BABYLON by ALifeAndADeath
Project : BABYLONby Cole
BioTech Labs INC. has started a new project called Project: BABYLON. This project was created to study the neurological factors of combining the genes of 'mythical' crea...
  • gore
  • lab
  • subject
Test Subject-Ivan Martinez by StephanieMartinez123
Test Subject-Ivan Martinezby StephanieMartinez
Emma Rose was a test subject when she was little. She got adopted by this family when Emma is 16 and she knows about her "evil" voice in her head but he never...
  • rebecca
  • venom
  • subject
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Subject 17-22 (BLACK BUTLER) by MoonShadowWriting
Subject 17-22 (BLACK BUTLER)by MoonShadowWriting
A girl escapes her nightmare after being tested and used for 8 years. She meets a boy also with a troubled past, and his butler who claimed to be a demon seeking to devo...
  • blackbutler
  • ciel
  • doctor
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Newt x Reader by Griffonclaw53317
Newt x Readerby CouchPotato
Every single one of the Gladers background stories are devastating and a mystery. We do know a couple (Newt, Thomas/Stephen, and Teresa/Deedee) and they broke our hearts...
  • trust
  • newt
  • friendship
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Nerd Gone Bad by neiliabrainz
Nerd Gone Badby Shanneilia
Highest Rank- #1 in Kickass Cover by cover_shop_011 Picture this: Shayanna Coy- The typical nerd has a huge crush on the school's most popular boy and bad boy. Lenoy Ree...
  • fittingin
  • quotes
  • dates
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The Perfect Subject (Published Under Lifebooks) by LittleRedYasha
The Perfect Subject (Published S. Light Irving
Hannah used to live a perfect life, wala mang ina but she is blessed with a beautiful sister and a loving father with a stepmother to add on the picture. As if a nightma...
  • deal
  • sexy
  • romance
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Damned Hybrid Queen [Book #3 of the Damned Series; Ongoing] by MeepdoesMCthewizard
Damned Hybrid Queen [Book #3 of Meep
Book #3 of the Damned Series. With the throne now her own, Juliet finds out that it's a lot harder to rule than she thought. Even with now-dethroned Ashborne and he...
  • boy
  • royals
  • crown
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Figure It Out || Newt || The Scorch Trials by StilesMcCall13
Figure It Out || Newt || The GrayBaby_the_OG
Danica is in Group B along with Aris, barely making it out of the Maze alive. After days of being stuck in medical, she's reunited with her group. But, she soon finds th...
  • minho
  • groupa
  • scorch
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The Last Race by Rugger1
The Last Raceby Rugger1
Luna - know everything. The others don't. The government is to blame and the virus will kill. Flare - is a hacker. And ever knew her family. People are dying, and then h...
  • troops
  • day
  • last
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Story Ideas  by demons_rain
Story Ideas by Yuichiro Hyakuya
These are some story ideas that I have, but knowing me I will probably never finish writing them. I really like some of these ideas but I'm horrible at writing and never...
  • humanexperimentation
  • experiment
  • experimentation
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rings ||a roleplay|| by coffee-queenXx
rings ||a roleplay||by coffee♥️
rings and rings of powers and rings and rings of danger. you're constantly in danger, so better train now, whereas this school doesn't teach normal subjects.
  • danger
  • gifted
  • family
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|từ những buổi học| by bdarkeu
|từ những buổi học|by bdarkeu
cảm tác | khi ta cần chút khuây khỏa trong giờ học
  • chemistry
  • class
  • study
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Subject 0: The mistake by DeppieG
Subject 0: The mistakeby Despoina G.
Your basic maze runner/ Newt fanfiction. What if Thomas had a sister? What if she was his twin and they shared a supernatural bond? What if she was in love with a certai...
  • glade
  • wattys2018
  • maze-runnernewt
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Pulse (OUT NOW FOR PURCHASE! Danielle Koste
"Mortality is the disease, and I'm the cure." Rowan Platts is an aspiring Animal Behaviorist, working as an intern for the world renowned Doctor Phelps while...
  • animal
  • mutation
  • science
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The Scientist's Subject by ADMailloux
The Scientist's Subjectby Angelica.D.Mailloux
Subject Nyx has been under the experimental testing of The Scientist and his Mentor. Through her trials and her confrontations with The Scientist, she unknowingly plants...
  • test
  • fantasy
  • sci-fi
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Subject 012 by PippyLongstockings12
Subject 012by Meow
(#1 in Superspeed) Subject 012, or A.K.A. Safiya, and 11 other subjects have been tested on with various chemicals to be genetically enhanced humans. They have all turn...
  • dna
  • death
  • insanity
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