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    Can I just take a moment to breathe it in? Pretty please? I promise I'll get back to writing the next chapter soon! Fine, how about this, I'll give you guys a chapter of Zero's point of view, and then thank you at the end. Perfect! Without further ado, Zero's chapter.

Zero's p.o.v/Chapter One New Arrival and a little bit after that

Everything is blurred.

There's white, white, and more white. The lack of color isn't helping my vision, and I search in vain for an object around the room, anything besides this annoying white.

How could this have happened?  And why now?

The world clears, and I find the color white really had been surrounding me, but in the form of a room. All sides closing in on me are white walls, except for one wall, which appears to be made out of glass with a red fabric hanging over it.

The only object in the room Is a tiny cot barely the size of my form. I seem to lay in the dead center of the room on the hard ground. 

Slowly and hesitantly, I lift a hand, wincing when shocks of pain flare down my limb. It feels as if my whole body is sore, and just the tiniest of movements ends in agony.

It must hurt from when those annoying little humans tasered me.

The thought fills me with shame, for they  should not have been able to get close enough to taser me in the first place, but my ignorance and stupidity let them.

I focus back on my hand, wondering how many humans my deadly touch killed while I was unconscious.

Okay, enough stalling, its time to escape.

I muster enough strength to sit up, my teeth gritting against the pain. From there its a blur, but by the end of it 'm leaning up against the cool glass wall, panting and sweating.

I turn towards the cool glass, placing my hands on top of it. I try to get a feel for the surface, judging how thick the width of it is and if it will easily break.

Wait a minute.

I sense something from the other side of the glass.

There's a pull from deep inside me, something rumbling from underneath the surface.

No. Could it be? No, it couldn't. Could it?

I have an internal war with myself, my hands curling into fists. I inhale a deep breath, before clearing my head and focusing.

If I pay attention, my advanced hearing can make it through the thick glass and to what is on the other side of the red curtain.

There is a roaring, and I sense so many other life forms that it is hard to make out certain words.

I'm not focused on their conversation though, I'm searching for her.

Then I hear it.

I can't make out the words, but I feel the soft sound waves of her voice as she speaks.

She's close. Maybe even just on the other side of the glass.

I press my ear closer, wanting to hear more, see more.

Suddenly there's a hush, and only one voice is speaking. I growl, wanting to hear the soft voice of before, not this one.

I take a step backwards, preparing to throw myself at the glass.

Suddenly, the curtain falls away, and my eyes lock onto hers.


That's the first word I would use to describe her eyes.

Soft, warm, and melting.

They draw me in, and its almost impossible to look away. But out of the corner of my eye I manage to make out the rest of her features.

Delicate facial features with a sprinkle of freckles across the nose. Dark brown hair sprialling in dainty curls past her shoulders to the middle of her back. 

Her eyes widen the second they take me in, and for the first time ever I feel almost self-conscious.

The man standing next to her that has a striking appearance similar to hers says something, and her attention shifts to him. 

A growl escapes me at her shifted attention, but she can't hear it over the noise of the crowd I hadn't noticed till now behind her back. She says something back, and I take my time studying her more.

It's her. I know it is.

And now that I've found her, I will never let her go.

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