Chapter 10

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They all came up and hugged Isabela gently. Milan was the last one to her. You could tell she was trying to hold back tears. “Thanks for wreaking my car!” She said jokingly. Isabela laughed and wrapped her in a hug. A tear fell down Milan’s face and Isabela laughed.

“I’m fine. I’m here and well.” She looked around at everyones faces and felt herself almost cry. If the doctors hadn’t saved her she wouldn’t be seeing these faces again. She shook away the tears and Niall helped her up to his room. He helped her relax back on the bed and sat down next to her. He brushed her face with his thumb.

“So, are you going to move in with your aunt and uncle?” Niall asked. Isabela knew it was her choice since she was over sixteen. She still felt like she needed to ask her parents.

“Probably. Why would I want to stay with parents who could even come visit their daughter in the hospital. Actually give me a second.”  Niall nodded and walked out of the room. He shut the door and walked downstairs.

“Is she resting?” Milan asked

“No, she is calling her parents.” They all started talking quietly when they heard yelling upstairs. Milan rolled her eyes and then they heard a slam.

“Well, that was probably her phone.” Milan got up and walked up to Niall’s room. She opened the door to find Isabela with her face in her hands. Milan sat next to her and hugged her. Milan knew how Isabela’s parents worked. “What did they say?” she asked

“That I should have just died and added more to the hospital bill.” Isabela shuttered and cried harder. “They told me they didn’t love me.” Milan wiped the tears from her face.

“Look at me love. You are loved by many. Did you see everyone downstairs? And my parents said you could move in with us.”

“What did I do to them to deserve this?” Isabela asked.

“I don’t know hun.” She wrapped her into another hug and Niall walked through the door. Milan got up and patted Niall’s shoulder. “She’s all yours.” Niall smiled and laid down on the bed. He looked up at the celing and starting playing with his hair.

“Tell me when those ribs of yours start to feel better.” He looked over at Isabela who had a confused face. There were marks on her face from the tears.


“I miss throwing you over my shoulder or picking you up to kiss you.” He said. He moved up to her face and wiped away the marks. There was a scar on her forehead and he gently placed a kiss on it. He ran his finger across is and smiled at her. He kissed her and placed his hands on her face holding in. Her  arms wrapped around his neck pulling him closer. “I missed you so much.” Niall whispered.  “Never, ever leave me again.”

“I won’t.”


“I promise you Niall James Horan I will never leave you.” She smiled and pulled him back into a kiss. She felt butterflies everytime she kissed him. She didn’t think she would ever get over it probably because she didn’t want to. She loved the feeling.

“I love you.” He whispered on her lips.

“I love you too.” She whispered back. Niall pulled away and got off the bed.

“You need your rest.” He started to walk out the door but Isabela tugged him back.

“Stay with me.” She asked. Niall got back onto the bed and put his arms around her. She felt safe back into her arms. She fell asleep in no time.

About an hour later Isabela started screaming. Niall woke her up and she started crying. “What happened?” he asked worried

“It happened again and you weren’t there and I lost everyone.” She buried her face into Niall’s chest.

“Shh, it’s okay. Everything is alright. You’re safe.”  He placed his chin on top of Isabela’s head. “Everything is going to be just fine.” He whispered, but he couldn’t stop the tear that fell from his eye.

A week went by with Isabela sore. Every night she was awaken by the same nightmare. When she woke up it was 10:30. She was able to do stuff on her own, but she was still a little sore. She walked downstairs and into the kitchen. She found Zayn and Niall in the kitchen talking. Niall’s face looked sad and Zayn was trying to comfort him. “Oh, sorry. I just came in to get something to a dri-“ before Isabela could finish her sentence Niall had his arms around her hugging her. “A drink.” She finished. “What’s going on?” She asked confused. She looked at Niall for answers but he was silent.

“You parents called.” Zayn spoke up. “They want you home on August 3rd.” He took a sip of his drink and sat it back down.

“Wait what? I don’t have to be home till the 27th?” Isabela said

“They called Milan’s parents yelling at them for paying your hospital bill and telling you that you could move in with them, so they gave you two weeks to get your stuff together and come home.” Zayn’s face was sympathetic.

“Where is Milan?”

“At her house.” Zayn said. Isabela looked at Niall.

“Can you take me over there?” Niall nodded and they got into his car. When they got to the house Isabela ran inside and found Milan in the living room with her parents talking. “Explain please.” Isabela said. Her aunt patted the couch to sit down.

“Who brought you?” Milan asked

“Niall. He’s in the car waiting.” Isabela responded

“Basically your parents want you home.” Her aunt said

“Why did they yell at you for this hospital bill thing?”

“They called us and told us not to pay it before we did. They said they were going to make you pay for it yourself. I wouldn’t let my niece pay for something that wasn’t her fault. Darling, you are almost 18 and our house is always open.” Three months Isabela thought. Her birthday was in 3 months. She would have to live in a hell hole for 3 months. She looked down feeling her nose start to sting. She was about to cry. She didn’t want to go back there.

“Thank you.” Isabela whispered and walked out. She got back in the car and looked at Niall. “I have to go back.” A tear dropped off her chin onto her arm. She didn’t even realize she was crying. Niall wiped the tears away. He tipped her chin up with his hand and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

“We have two weeks left. Lets make the best of it.” Niall said. Isabela pulled him back to kiss him again. She kept a tight grip on him and neither pulled away. When Isabela did she bit her lip and Niall smiled. He turned the car on and started driving back to the house.

When they got back to the house Niall sat down on the couch and Isabela ran upstairs. Niall looked confused and followed. He opened the door and she had her back turned to him pulling something out of her bag.

“Close your eyes.” She turned looking at him. “And turn around.” Niall followed instructions and turned. Isabela walked up to him. She had to stand on her tiptoes since he was taller. A cold chain hit his chest. “Open. I know it’s kind of weird and you don’t wear jewelry, but I wanted to give you something to remember me by. He looked down to his chest to see a silver chain hanging. He smiled and turned to face her.

“It’s perfect. Just perfect.” He said and he pulled her on the bed and started to kiss her.

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