Chapter 12

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Isabela changed into jean shorts and a bright green tank top. She put her hair up in a high bun and put on some foundation and mascara. She slid on a pair of sandals and walked downstairs. Niall was waiting for her by the door. She smiled when she saw that he still had the chain around his neck. He grabbed her hand and walked out the door. It was sunny and hot outside. Isabela was glad that she put her hair up. “So when do you have to go back on tour?” Isabela asked.

“I think we leave here on the 10th. He said

“Do you know when you will be back.”

“Yupp.” He stopped not saying anything and Isabela looked at him. “What?”

“When do you get back?”

“Oh I don’t know.”

“You just said you did.”

“Who knows.” He gave her a big grin and kissed her nose. He wrapped her arm around her neck. Her hand came up and took ahold of it. She automatically leaned her head on his shoulder.

“You are such a pain, but I love you.” She kissed his cheek.

“Tell me what you love about me.” Niall said.

“Do you realize that explaining that is impossible?”


“What do I love about Niall Horan? Let’s see. I love his smile and how he is always happy. His laugh can brighten anyone’s mood. He is the most caring person in the world. He is also very carefree. When I am in his arms I feel completely safe and when I look into those deep blue eyes I get paralyzed. He makes me forget about everything for a while and I can be myself around him.” She looked over at Niall who was watching her as she spoke. She looked into his eyes and spoke softly. “There is no one like him and he is just perfect and beautiful. I love him and explaining this is quite impossible.” She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him softly. It was sweet and she craved more. She kissed him again and smiled. “Was that good enough?”

“That was better than good. Isabela Via Aquino, I love you. I could ask for anyone better because there is no one better.” He turned his snapback backwards and leaned down to kiss her. She melted at his touch. She tried to keep the thought of just less than two weeks left with this beautiful man. Everytime it tried creeping up she pushed it back and thought of only the moment she was in. She wrapped her arms around Niall’s neck and he pulled back and gave her a hug. He nuzzled his head into her shoulder and Isabela laughed.

“Do you realize how many girls want this hug?” Niall looked up and smiled.

“I didn’t know my hug was famous.” He laughed and kissed her forehead. They started their walk again until they came to a big willow tree. Niall parted the leaves making a door for Isabela to go through. He walked through and the tree leaves joined back together leaving only light peaking through the cracks. Even though it was daytime there were little fireflies under the tree.

“Oh, this is so pretty!” Isabela exclaimed

“I come out here and hide under this tree a lot when I need to think. It’s very peaceful actually.” Niall said. He reached out for Isabela’s hand and pulled her closer. He started to sing and dance with her. His voice was so perfect and Isabela rested her head on his shoulder. Under the tree it looked like it was night time. Niall kissed her temple and continued to sing.

Chapter 25

They sat and talked under the tree for a couple of hours. It felt like minutes though. Niall checked his watch seeing that it was a little after four. “Let’s go get something to eat.” Niall helped Isabela up and they walked away from the tree. “Where do you want to eat?” he asked. Isabela shrugged. “Well, then I guess it will be a surprise.” He smiled and put his arm around her. Her arm went around his waist and they walked back to the house. “We are just here to get the car.”

“I actually want to go change real quick. Give me an hour?”

“It takes an hour to change?”

“It was hot out today and I got sweaty. I would like to take a shower.” She headed up to Niall’s room and Niall followed.

“You can use my shower if you want. I can use the guest bathroom.” He grabbed some clothes and walked out of the room. When he was out of the room Isabela looked through her bag trying to find the nicest thing she could. Then she remembered that she brought a summer dress that she hadn’t worn yet. She pulled out a red halter dress that went about mid-thigh and her. She took it to the bathroom with her along with her hair products and makeup bag. She took a quick shower and dried her hair. She was stuck on the debate of straightening her hair or making it wavy. She decided to let it dry which gave her a natural wave then loosely curl it. She looked at her makeup and frowned. She never put too much makeup on, but tonight she wanted to look as natural as possible. She put on little foundation then she shaded her eyelids with a very light eye shadow that just added sparkle. She put on mascara then though of Zayn. She envied Zayn for her perfect eyelashes! After she got done with her makeup she wiggled into her dress. She smoothed it out making sure everything was perfect. She added a black headband with a flower to her hair. She looked at herself once more in the mirror and smiled. She looked natural. She walked out of the bathroom expecting Niall to be in the bedroom, but he wasn’t. She slipped on her sandals and walked out of the room. She walked down the hallway to see the guest bathroom wide open. She figured he was downstairs. When she walked into the living room her heart dropped. Everyone was in the living room watching the stairs, but all I could look at was Niall. He had on a black suit with black loafers. His hair was slightly spiked and his eyes were the perfect shade of blue.

“Oh my god Niall! You look absolutely stunning!” Isabela gasped. Harry stood up and smiled and fixed Niall’s tie.

“Good luck Nialler.” Harry whispered.

“I was just about to say the same to you. You look so beautiful Isabela.” Niall came up and grabbed her hand. He pecked her on the cheek and they were about to walk out when Louis screamed.

“Wait! I think this beautiful couple needs some pictures!” He yelled. The camera was ready in his hands. “Smile!” Isabela put her hand on Niall’s shoulder and his arm was around his back. Before the camera flashed Isabela quickly kissed Niall on the cheek. “Awe. Now that’s a cute one.” Louis said. They took about ten more pictures before Louis would give it up.

“Okay. Louis it’s not prom!” Niall laughed. “We will be going now. Goodbye.” Everyone waved and you could hear little chatter about how cute they were. Niall and Isabela both blushed and Niall opened the car door for her. He ran around and got in the driver seat. “Ready?” Niall asked

“Ready.” Isabela replied. 

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