Chapter 17

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When Niall returned home he walked straight up to his room. He wasn’t really in the mood to talk right now. He laid down on his bed and stared at the wall for about an hour until her heard a knock at the door. “Come in.” Niall said

“You ok Nialler?” It was Harry’s voice. Harry was still the one looking after Niall. Liam was still there just like the other boys, but Harry was there more. He turned to face Harry who sat down on his bed.

“Yeah. Just tired.” Niall said

“I’m always here if you need to talk or something. Just call me if I’m gone.” Harry smiled at him.

“Thank you Harry. For always being there when I needed someone the most.” Niall whispered. Harry smiled and walked out of the room. Niall picked up the photo on his side table of him and Isabela. He smiled at it and held it to his chest and fell asleep.

“Niall! Wake up we have to go to the studio!” Zayn yelled. Niall jumped up and changed quickly. They had less than a week before they left for tour. Niall knew exactly when they were coming back, but when Isabela asked he wouldn’t tell her so it would be a surprise. He ran downstairs and they all filled into the van. Louis drove and Liam sat up front with him. Zayn, Harry, and Niall were in the back. Niall kept checking his phone waiting for a phone call or a text from Isabela. He was getting so impatient. He figured she wouldn’t get a new phone for a couple of days, but he still continued to check it.

“Dude, it will go off if she calls or texts. Calm down.” Harry laughed. Niall couldn’t help but smile. They got out of the van and walked into the studio. They gave them a lecture about going on tour and behaving themselves this time. Everyone looked at Louis who had a smile on his face.

“Really? It’s not just me who goofs around!” Louis laughed “I just happen to start it, that’s all.” Everyone laughed and Zayn spoke up.

“I don’t know why you are giving us this speech when you know it won’t be followed through. You are just wasting your breath.” Zayn smiled. Everyone agreed with him and laughed. The manager walked away.

“I’m surprised they haven’t killed us yet.” Liam said

“They can’t! Simon won’t let them.” Harry laughed. “Besides, they all love us somewhere deep inside.”

“Very deep.” Louis agreed. Niall’s phone went off and he quickly answered it.

“Hello.” He said before he got up and walked away.

“Niall! Come back to bed!” Louis yelled knowing that it was Isabela on the other end.

“Shut up Louis!” Niall yelled from the other room. “Hey love.” Niall said

“Hi Niall.” Isabela said back. “How’s everything there?”

“Quite boring without you here. We just got a lecture on behaving.”

“They know you guys won’t. I don’t understand why they waste their breath.” Isabela laughed

“That’s exactly what Zayn said. How is things there?”

“Well, I haven’t ran into my parents yet , so far so good. I miss you though.”

“I miss you too but-“

“Niall! We need you back in here!” Liam yelled

“I will see you soon love. I’ve got to go.”


“No, it will never be goodbye so I never want to say goodbye. See you soon.”

“Okay.” Isabela laughed. “See you soon. I love you.”

“I love you too.” Niall smiled and hung up the phone. He walked back into the room and sat down to listen to yet another lecture. He tuned out in the middle of it thinking about Isabela.

“Hi mom.” Isabela said

“Thank you for telling us you were home.”

“You knew when I was going to be home.”

“Not the point.” She walked away running her shoulder into Isabela. “You’re excused.” She said. Isabela clenched her fist and bit her tongue. 

“3 months.” She reminded herself. She made a sandwich and walked back up the stairs. She passed her dads office on the way to her room. She head little sniffles and she walked in to see her dad crying. “Dad?” He looked up at her.

“Hello Isabela.” He said

“Are you okay?”

“Please forgive me?” He got up and stood in front of Isabela. He was much taller than her and he was very intimidating.

“For what?” she asked confused.

“Not coming to see you at the hospital. The hospital bill. Making you come home early. I’m so sorry Isabela.” He started crying again. Isabela felt bad because she had never seen her dad cry. She placed her food down on the table next to her and hugged her dad.

“I forgive you dad.”

“I was horrible to you. I should have forced your mother to go or just went without her.” Isabela knew it. It was her mom holding him back. It was always her.

“Dad, I’m here now and I forgive you.” He gave her another hug and sat back down at his desk.

“Thank you. I love you darling.”

“I love you too dad.” She picked up her food and walked back up to her room. When she got to her room she dropped her stuff and ran over to her bed where her mother was reading the book that they gave her before she left. “What in the hell do you think you are doing?” Isabela yelled. She yanked the book out of her moms hands.

“So there was a boy this summer? Did you sleep with him?” he moms voice was quiet.

“That’s none of your buissnes and you had no right to read this!” Isabela screamed at her mother.

“It’s my house. I get to read whatever I want.” Her mom stood up and stared at Isabela. “You shouldn’t be alive.” She smirked in her face.

“If you hate me so much why did you make me come home early?” Isabela felt tears coming. She held them back.

“The house needed cleaning. That is your job. Now, Isabela has a fear of farris wheels. The bluff was and sunset.” Her mom started naming stuff from the note. “Did you sleep with him?”

“That’s none of your business.” Pain shot up Isabela’s face. She grabbed the side of her face when she realized that her mom had slapped her.

“Did you?” Isabela stayed silent as her mom slapped her again. This time it was harder and Isabela screamed.

“Keep your hands off me!” Isabela yelled. She heard the door open behind her and her dad was standing there. Isabela looked at him with pleading eyes. His hands reached out for her and he wrapped her in his arms.

“Leave, now.” He said sternly.

“You’ve never had a problem with this before.” She replied

“I do now! So leave!”

“This is my house too!”

“I don’t see you going to work everyday paying for anything!”

“Fine! I’ll leave!” She stormed out of the room and Isabela hid her face into her dads chest.

“I’m so sorry Bela.” Isabela stirred at the nickname her dad use to call her. “I’m so sorry.”

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