Chapter 14

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When they got back to the house the door was locked. Niall rolled his eyes and went to get the spare key. It was gone. “What the hell?” Niall complained. He pulled his phone out and dialed Harry’s number.

“Hello?” Harry’s voice was deep and slow as usual.

“Where is the spare key?” Niall asked

“Uhm it should be where it always is.” You could hear Louis and Zayn laugh in the background.

“Where are you?”


“What the hell Harry?”

“I gotta go.” Harry hung up the phone and Niall breathed in deeply and rolled his eyes.

“Anywhere else you want to go?” He asked. Isabela smiled and led the way. “Where are we going?”

“Now, why would I tell you such a thing?” She laughed and kissed him softly before she continued walking. After walking for 5 minutes they arrived at their destination.

“The beach?” Niall asked. Then it hit him. “They beach!” he said with enthusiasm. He walked her over to the exact spot where he first saw her.

“How do you remember that?” she asked

“It was a very special moment for me. It was the first time I ever saw the girl I fell in love with.” Niall gave her a mischevious smile.

“What?” Isabela looked confused. Niall picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and started running towards the water. “Niall! No put me down!” And that’s exactly what he did. He put her down into the water. “Seriously Niall?” She said laughing.

“What? You told me to put you down.” He smiled and pulled her down under water with him.

“Cuz I totally wanted to get wet today.” Isabela moved the hair out of her face and gave Niall a glare.

“You took a shower this morning!” Niall yelled. Isabela tried to fight back a smile and she splashed water on him. “Not even!” Niall laughed and pulled her back underwater. He pulled her closer and kissed her underwater. They came up and Isabela’s cheeks were painted pink. She was blushing. “You are so cute when you blush.” He brushed his thumb over her cheek which made her blush even more. He put her hair behind her ear and kissed her softly. “You ready to get out of the water?”

“I never wanted IN the water.” Isabela joked. They walked out and Niall ringed the water out of his shorts and shirt. His picked up his phone and snapback. Isabela took the hat from him and put it on her head. She smiled and when Niall tried to take it off her head she ducked and ran. Niall started to chase after her when his phone rang. It was Harry.

“Yeah?” Niall said

“Can you guys stay at her house tonight? We are having a party here tonight.”

“Are you serious Harry? She leaves early in the morning the next day.”

“Exactly so we will have all day tomorrow to say goodbye. Thanks for understand kay bye.” Harry hung up before Niall could say anything else.

“What was that about?” Isabela said putting her arms around Niall.

“I guess we are staying at your aunts tonight. They are having a party and don’t want us there.” Niall sighed. Something was going on. She pecked his lips trying to make him feel better. He smiled a smiled which seemed forced. Isabela knew that Niall was trying to make this the best 2 days, but with the boys doing this it was hard for him.

“It’s fine Niall.” She grabbed his hand and they started walking down the beach. Isabela’s head automatically rested on his shoulder.

“I’m just a little irritated is all.” Isabela patted Niall’s head in a playful manner.

“I know babe.” She kissed his cheek and they continued their walk to Isabela’s aunts house. 

They reached the front door just as Milan was leaving. “Oh hey Milan.” Isabela said “Where are you going?” Milan looked at her hesitant.

“Over to Katy’s with Jesse and Alexy.” Milan said. Lie Isabela thought to herself. Everyone has a certain thing that they do when they lie. Milan’s happened to be she flicked her index finger with her thumb. Isabela learned this years ago.

“Oh cool. See you later.” Isabela smiled and waved. When Milan was gone Isabela laughed and Niall gave her a funny look. “She was lying. She is probably going over to your house.”

“How do you know she was lying?” Niall asked.

“I can tell when anyone is lying. It’s my super power!”

“Oh is it now?” Niall laughed

“It sure is! So you better never try to get away with lying mister.” She shook her finger in front of his face. They laughed and walked inside. “We are going to make the best of this night without thinking about those losers!” Isabela said.

“Do you want to go out tonight?” Niall asked

“Nah, I think I want to fix something for you tonight.” She gave a big grin and Niall raised his eyebrow. “I’m a good cook! I swear.” She winked at him and they walked downstairs. Her aunt and uncle were out for the night so they had the whole house to themselves. “What does Niall want to eat?” Niall tapped his temple with his finger and let out a loud hmm.

“Niall is thinking homemade pizza.” He said with a big grin. Homemade pizza of course. She got out all the ingedients to make the dough for the pizza and started to mix it. Once everything was mixed she set the dough set for about 30 minutes.

“What does Niall want on his pizza?” Isabela asked turning to him.

“Just the usual peperoni pizza.” She turned back to the fridge and grabbed pizza sauce, cheddar and mozerella cheese, and a bad of peperoni. She through the bag and Niall and smiled.

“You get to help.”

“Hey. That wasn’t part of the deal. I thought you were just going to cook for me.” He walked over and stood very close to Isabela. “I have separation issues. You must be close to me.” He wrapped his arms around her in a very dramatic manner.

“Will you stop and help fix your pizza!” She said laughing. She started spreading out the dough in a circle when Niall whined.

“No! Make it a uhm, TRIANGLE!” he yelled.

“You have got to be kidding me.”

“Nope.” He smiled even bigger this time. I started to make the dough into a triangle and he clapped.

“Shut up!” I said and I smeared pizza sauce on his face.

“Now look what you’ve done. Put cheese and peperoni on me and I’d be a pizza! Eh? Eh?” I shook my head. “Nope, okay.” He came back at me and smeared some on my face.

“You want this pizza fixed?” he nodded his head yes. “Then get it off my face.” Niall shrugged and licked the sauce of Isabela’s face. “Oh my god! Ew you are so gross!” He laughed and kissed her on the lips. Isabela sprinkled cheese and then looked at Niall for the peperoni. “Well, put it on there. It’s your job.” He poured the whole bag on it and smacked his hands together.

“Wah-lah!” he cheered

“Niall, they’re in one big clump.”

“Well, maybe I like my ronies like that!” Isabela laughed at the word “ronies” and the way his accent made it sound.

“You are so helpless.” Isabela rolled her eyes and started spreading out the peperoni. She placed it in the over and washed her hands off. “There child. Now all you have to do is wait for your triangle pizza to cook. He clapped and moved closer to Isabela now more serious. He placed several gentle kisses on her lips and then grabbed her hips and placed her on the counter. He placed himself in between her legs to get closer to her. She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling closer. He kissed her lips several times then down to her neck. She laughed and he returned to her mouth. She could smell the food finishing up she pulled away from Niall. “Go set the table Horan.” She giggled and hopped off the table.

“Buzzkill.” Niall whispered.

“I heard that!”

“Whatever!” he laughed. His laugh was so priceless she would never get use to it.

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