Chapter 5

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Niall woke up before Isabela today. He rushed over to her house as he promised. She was still asleep when he went into her room. He stepped up onto her bed and started jumping around. “Wake up!” he yelled. Isabela rubbed her eyes and stretched.

“Seriously?” She laughed

“I told you I was going to be here when I woke up. I wasn’t lying.”

“You have way too much energy. Get off my bed.” She sat up and pushed him off her bed. He grabbed her shoulders and brought her down with him. “Ow!” She whined

“Well, don’t push people off beds!” He smiled and kissed her quickly. “Get dressed. We are going to my house. All of the girls are over there.” Isabela yawned and got off the floor. She grabbed some clothes from her closet and went to the bathroom. She changed, brushed her teeth, put on some makeup, and braided her hair to the side. When she walked back into her bedroom and Niall’s jaw dropped. “Well, you just look fantastic!” She smiled at him and grabbed his hand.

“Let’s go.” She ran down the stairs with Niall following. “Oh, you brought a car this time.” She said jokingly. He smiled at her and opened her door for her.

“There you go my lady.” He closed the door and slid across the hood. He fell over in the attempt to do it. Isabela was laughing in the car. Niall opened the car door, his face beat red. “Let’s never speak of that.” He laughed. He took ahold of Isabela’s hand and drove to his house.

When they arrived at the house all the girls were in the living room. “Where are the lads?” Niall asked.

“In the kitchen cooking.” Chelsea said. Niall nodded and walked into the kitchen. Isabel walked over and sat down with the rest of the girls.

“So, you never called me last night.” Milan said to Isabela.

“Sorry. I was going to ask if that maybe we could talk to you mom and dad about me staying here for the school year. Just to see if I like it.” Isabela said

“You know they won’t be here all year.” Emilea said

“Yeah, I know. I’m not just staying here for him though. I think change would be best for me. I don’t have many friends at my school either.” Everyone looked at Isabela confused. “People don’t like me there because I support the boys.”

“We can talk to them about it. I’m sure they will say yes, but I’m more worried about your parents. They barely let you come here for the summer. Do you really think they will let you live here?” Milan asked

“All I can do is hope. So what are they cooking and why?” Isabela asked

“They want to take us out on a brunch date.” Hayley said. Behind the door they could hear stuff crashing. All the girls laughed  and Chelsea got up to go check on them. The girls sat in the living room for about 5 more minutes before the boys and Chelsea came through the door. “We are going to walk.” Hayley said looking at Harry. Harry grabbed ahold of her hand and they were the first out. They were followed by Chelsea and Liam, then Milan and Zayn, then Louis and Emilea. Niall and Isabela were the last ones out.

“Lock the door!” Liam yelled to Niall. Isabela was about to walk down the porch steps, but Niall pulled her back. He spun her around and put his arm around her waist. He kissed her temple and they walked off the porch. They walked a little faster to catch up with the rest of the group. Harry and Hayley were holding hands, Liam and Chelsea were arm in arm, Zayn had his hand on Milan’s back, and Louis’s arm was around Emilea’s neck. Everyone had a different way of holding on to eachother. Niall kept his arm around Isabela’s waste. They walked about 10 minutes to the park and when they got their they found a picknic table and they sat all their stuff down. They pushed another picknic table up next to it so they weren’t so crowded. The boys pulled out all of the food and sat it in the middle of the table.

“Enjoy.” Louis said with a smile. Everyone started to dig in and Niall brought a plate over to Isabela.

“I figured if I didn’t make your plate you wouldn’t eat much.” He laughed. She took the plate and started to eat.

“Who cooked?” Isabela asked. Louis and Zayn raised their hands. Isabela smiled and said “It’s very good.” Louis looked at Harry and stuck his tongue out at him.

“I am the master chef!” Louis yelled. Everyone laughed then started shoveling food into their mouths again.

“Wanna sneak away?” Niall whispered. Isabela smiled and shook her head. They ran when everyone was looking the other way.  When they got to where they couldn’t see them they fell on the ground laughing. Niall looked at Isabela and smiled. “I told you I had something to tell you, so here it is. I know I just met you the other day, but you mean so much to me. There is something about you that just keeps me wanting more. I don’t want you to leave, but when you have to I want you to keep this as a reminder of me.” Niall held out his hand and in it was a ring. Niall had just given her a promise ring! Tears started to well up in Isabela’s eyes. Niall slipped it onto her finger and wrapped her in a hug. Once she was in the hug all the tears poured out. She was so happy. Niall pulled away to look into her eyes. “You don’t play fair. I have fallen in love with you. It’s all your fault.” He smiled at her and wrapped her in an everlasting kiss.

It was hard to tell who pulled away first. Niall would pull away, smile, then wrap her back up for another.  Niall sat back and Isabela sat in between his legs. He started playing with her hair. He took it out of the braid it was already in and started to twirl it with his finger. Isabela laughed and looked at Niall. “Now, put it back in the braid.” He gave her a quick grin and started working on the braid. His fingers were quick as he braided down her hair. He laughed and looked Isabela in the eyes.

“You might want to redo this braid.” He laughed. She felt her hair and found pieces quickly falling out of the braid. She rolled her eyes and smiled. She quickly redid the braid and stood up.

“Let’s go back to the others.” She held out her hand and Niall grabbed it. She looked down at her finger with a now sparkling ring on it. She smiled and kissed Niall on the cheek. They sat back down at the picknic table with the others and everyone looked at them.

“Where did you two go?” Louis asked giggling under his breath.

“To talk.” Niall said. Isabela placed her hands on the table and you could hear Hayley gasp.

“No way!” She smiled. “Niall gave Isabela a promise ring!” Everyone looked over at Isabela’s hand. The smiles on their faces grew and all the girls ran over to her.

“Guys it’s not an engagement ring. No big deal.” Isabela said blushing. They all gave her a look.

“You do realize what a promise ring is? Don’t you?” Chelsea said. Isabela nodded. Of course she did. She didn’t understand why they were making a big deal out of it though. She already knew she wanted to stay with Niall and she didn’t need a ring to prove it. Niall was just so sweet. The boys huddled around Niall. Isabela couldn’t make out what they were saying but they had smiles on their faces and Niall was blushing. “I’m just so happy for you guys! It’s so cute to see you and Niall together!” Chelsea said. All the girls kept aweing. When everyone finally backed away Niall came to sit next to Isabela.

“They are making this a bigger deal than what it really is.” He laughed. Isabela smiled and agreed. She took Niall’s hand under the table and he rested their hands and her leg. She looked at his face. He has told her numerous times that she was beautiful, but she had never once told him. His face was glowing in the sunlight and his eyes sparkled. She ran her fingers through his hair and leaned up to his ear.

“I love you.” She whispered. He turned and looked at her.

“I love you too.” He smiled and leaned in to kiss her.

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