Just One Summer

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After weeks and weeks of working the boys finally got to take a break. Louis was being loud and energetic like he always is, Zayn and Liam were chatting at the side of the room, and Harry was on the phone with his girlfriend. Niall softly rested his head on a pillow and slowly drifted to sleep. He would dream of what he always dream of, that one girl he could finally call his princess. Niall was the only single one of the group. Fans would go crazy over him because he is the only single one left. They gave up on the other boys since it was clear after such long relationships with their girlfriends that they weren’t breaking up anytime soon. Niall was flattered, but he mostly just wanted to find that one girl that caught his eye. He thought that maybe his standers were too high?

“Niall! Get up and stop being a bum!” Louis yelled while throwing a pillow at him. Everyone laughed and Niall hopped up and threw it back at him.

“I’m up, I’m up!” he said.

“Good. It’s the first day of summer and there is a nice beach just a few miles away. Louis and I want to catch some waves. You three can do something else.” Liam stated. Niall looked at Harry and Zayn who had their noses stuck in their phones probably texting their girlfriends. He assumed they would eventually be there and he would be an awkward 5th wheel. He needed to find something to do. Maybe there would be some people to hang out with at the beach.

They all piled into the car and Louis took the responsibility of driving. In a few short minutes they arrived at the beach. Louis and Liam raced toward the water and Zayn, Harry, and Niall stayed back. Another car pulled up as Milan and Hayley got out of the car. Zayn and Harry ran to greet their girlfriends. “Niall!” Milan yelled. While Niall walked over there he saw the most beautiful sight catch his eyes. “Niall, this is my cousin Isabela. She is down for the summer and I thought you could use some company. Nialls smile got bigger and bigger. She smiled and ducked her head. She looked nervous. “Hi.” She said shyly.  She didn’t look up from the ground. “Well go for a walk and have fun you two.” Milan said. When they started walking away Niall looked back and Harry winked at him. Niall blushed and looked forward. The walk was silent for about 5 minutes before Niall broke it. “So, I don’t know how to make this any less awkward.” Isabela laughed under her breath. “I’m sorry. I’m just really nervous. I’ve always wanted to meet you and I wasn’t expecting this. If I knew I was going to meet you I would have brought better clothes.” Niall smiled and lifted her chin up so he could see into her eyes “You look beautiful in this moment right now.”

Isabela’s cheeks burned red. Her face quickly went back to the ground. Niall intertwined his arm with hers and led her straight. Thousands of thoughts were going through his head right now. Right now he was walking down the beach with the most beautiful girl in the world, yet she wouldn’t even look at him. He thought maybe he did something wrong. “Can I ask you a question?” Niall said softly. She looked up and him and nodded her head. “Why is it so awkward for you to be around me? I am just a normal lad.”

“You are Niall Horan. I’ve had a crush on you for like ever! When I heard that Milan was dating Zayn I was jealous. Not that she had Zayn, but that Zayn is so close to you. If I were in your position I would think its weird for a girl to know so much about me that I haven’t even met and you know nothing about me. I fell in love with you not for the band, but for your carefree personality.”

“I’m in a band. I made the decision to wait for a fan, so that means knowing that they will know a lot about me. That just means that I can take more time to get to know them. It was my choice I made. You won’t even look me in the face. I want to be a normal lad with you. Please give me the chance to show you that I’m more than just Niall Horan from One Direction.” Nialls lip puffed out and he made his eyes droop. Isabela couldn’t help but laugh. There Niall stood giving her the puppy dog face and all she could do was laugh. She gripped harder around Niall’s arm and sat her head on his shoulder. Niall smiled as they walked back to the others. He noticed that Chelsea and Emilea had showed up. They started a fire and were all sitting around it.

“About time you two showed up!” Harry laughed. He looked at Niall and gave a cheeky grin. Niall laughed and blushed

“Who is this lovely lady?” Louis said. He walked up to her and put his arm around her. “I’m Isabela.” She smiled

“You just move here?”

“No, I’m just here for the summer.” She looked over at Niall whose face was now solid. She hadn’t yet told him that she was only going to be here for the summer. She felt bad. Everything got quiet then Louis broke the silence by singing and dancing. He went and grabbed Emilea’s hand and started to dance with her. Louis always knew how to lighten the mood, but Niall’s face was still solid. “I will make sure this is the best summer of your life.” She whispered into Niall’s ear. He forced a smile, but all that was running through his mind was that she was eventually going to have to leave. She slid her hand down his arm and slipped her fingers into his. Everyone else was dancing.

“Can I take you home tonight?” Niall suddenly asked. Isabela smiled and shook her head yes. She awkwardly walked over to Milan and Zayn breaking up their makeout session and told her Niall was taking her home. Milan nodded and Zayn smiled at Niall. “Bye guys! See you at home.” Niall yelled to the rest of the boys. Niall and Isabela walked hand in hand away from the beach. “How about ice cream?” Niall asked

“Sure.” She smiled “That sounds great.”

“And your curfew?”

“I don’t have one.” They went to go get their ice cream and sit down. They sat and talked for hours. Mostly about Isabela.

“Isabela.” Niall kept saying over and over again. “What?” She looked confused. “It’s just such a beautiful name for such a beautiful lady.” She blushed again and put her head down. “Every time I compliment you, your head always goes down. Why?”

“I don’t know.” She replied. Niall looked down at his watch to check the time. “It’s almost midnight. Let’s get you home.” He said

“I told you I didn’t have a curfew.”

“This is my curfew for you.” He smiled. He walked her home since it wasn’t that far. When they reached the door he wrapped her in a hug. His smell intoxicated her. She was hoping to get a kiss before he left. After he let go she leaned forward. He put his hands softly on her cheeks and placed a gently kiss on her forehead. She sighed, but thought it was good for now. He watched her walk inside. After the door was shut he jumped about seven feet in the air! “I have to be the luckiest guy in the world!” he whispered to himself. Isabela ran up to her room and jumped onto her bed. She buried her face into her pillow and screamed. She couldn’t believe everything that just happened!

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