Chapter 16

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Isabela fought to wake up the next morning. She dreaded the plane ride home. Mostly because she would be alone. There would be no Niall for her to rest her head on. She couldn’t cling to him when she felt sad or lonely. She wanted Niall to go with her, but she knew he couldn’t. She sat up throwing on some jeans and one of Niall’s tee-shirts. She honestly didn’t care how she looked. She placed her hair in a messy bun on the top of her head. She turned around to see Niall sitting up scratching his head. He smiled at the sight of the shirt she was wearing and walked over to hug her. “Now the shirt will smell even more like you.” She smiled at him. He stood there in his boxers looking for a pair of sweats. He pulled a grey pair of sweats on and a white tank top. He started looking for his green snapback when he realized it was spinning around on Isabela’s finger. She smiled and handed him the hat. He took it and placed it on her head. He grabbed the blue one and put it on his head.

“Ready?” Niall asked.

“Never will be.” She sighed. Niall picked up two suitcases and Isabela picked up her gym back that had stayed at Niall’s this whole time. Everything was packed and ready to go. Niall walked downstairs to go put the luggage in the trunk. She walked over to the bedside table which held the picture of her kissing him on the cheek the night they went out on a real first date. She smiled and sat it back down. Niall ran back upstairs.

“Come on. We can’t be late.” Niall said grabbing the gym back full of clothes. He held out his hand waiting for Isabela to take it. She reached out and met his hand. He started walking as she took one last close look at this room. She said last because she feared her parents. “Come on babe.” She followed him out to the car and got in. She felt numb right now.

The drive to the airport was silent. Isabela stared out the window. It was dreadful. Niall placed his hand on her thigh trying to cheer her up. No use. When they arrived at the airport Niall grabbed the suitcases and Isabela grabbed the bag. They walked in and fans saw Niall, but held back for this. They called her flight in and she jerked. Niall took her face in his hands. “You are mine forever and ever. Nothing will ever change that. I will see you soon love. Sooner than you expect.” Tears fell from Isabela’s eyes as they called for her flight a second time. “I promised you forever and forever it will be.” He held up Isabela’s hand to her face reminding her of the ring her put on her finger the day of the picknic. She smiled and ran her finger across the silver chain that lay untouched around his neck.

“And you are mine forever. I can promise that over and over again.” She smiled and pressed a hard kiss on his lips.

“Last call for flight 907” they called. Isabela shutterd and Niall held her close for a second longer. He kissed her softly.

“Remember, this is not goodbye. Just a see you soon.” He kissed her one last time and let her go. When she walked onto the plane she felt empty. She felt that because she was. Niall was a part of her and she was leaving him behind. She felt guilty and took her seat. She rested her head back and relaxed. Long before she knew it she fell fast asleep. The flight was so much shorter thanks to the nap and when she woke up they were landing. She sighed and touched her lips. A place where Niall’s lips belonged. She got off the plane and caught a cab home. She frowned when she saw the big brown house.

When she walked in she ran up to her bedroom before her parents could figure out she was home. She dropped everything on the ground and jumped on her bed and began to sob. She looked up noticed and dark purple book had fell out of her bag.

“Don’t read this until you get home.” Harry’s voice echoed in her head. She walked over and grabbed it off the floor. She opened it and turned to the first page which was a picture of her and Milan. She smiled and laughed at the caption under it. She saw a small picture at the bottom and a never ending note from Niall. Her vision blurred as she saw his familiar handwriting.

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