Chapter 25

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Today was Aaliyah’s 15th birthday. She had all of her friends over. Her little brother Asher who was 7 and her little sister Zara who was 3 were playing around and kept interrupting her and her friends. Milan and Zayn were over with their son and daughter. Louis and Emilea had a son named Tommy. Louis was happy because he always wanted a song. Harry and Hayley had a daughter named Darcy and Liam and Chelsea haven’t had kids yet. They all surrounded the new flat that Niall and Isabel bought a few years ago. Niall and Isabela sat downstairs with the rest of the parents and Liam and Chelsea of course. The boys were talking about the band and how they were glad they were still in it after all these years.  Niall got up and walked out of the room and Isabela followed. “You okay love?” She asked coming up behind him.

“This is all surreal. I can’t believe anyone of this. I feel like I am in the most amazing dream ever and when I wake up I am going to be very disappointed with you not by my side. We have the most amazing kids in the world and I couldn’t ask for anything better.” He turned and faced Isabela taking her face in his hands and kissed her. Harry walked by and yelled at them.

“Get a room!” They both turned and made a face at Harry.

“Shut up!” Isabela yelled before kissing Niall again. “I love you.” She said against his lips

“I love you too.”

“Ew! Can you get a room like Harry said?” Aaliyah said behind them. Niall and Isabela broke away laughing.

“There was a reason we came outside!” Niall almost couldn’t say it because he was laughing. “What do you want?”

“Money so we can go to the mall.” Aaliyah said.

“Well, when you can ask nicely I might consider it.” Niall replied


“Aaliyahhhhh.” Niall said back. Isabela laughed and looked at Aaliyah. She looked back.




“She isn’t going to give you any money, so it’s pointless asking her.” Niall gave a huge smile. “It’s not going to kill you to ask please. You are even lucky I’m considering it since you haven’t done chores in a while.”

“Fine. May I please have some money to go to the mall.”

“Well, I suppose.” Niall handed her some money and she walked away. “Uhm?” Niall said loudly

“Thanks! Love you!” She yelled from the door. Niall kissed Isabela and laughed.

“There is never a calm day in our house.” Niall sighed and laughed. He grabbed Isabela’s hand and played with her ring. “I love that I get to do this with you for forever.” He smiled and kissed her again,

“Forever.” Isabela replied.

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