Chapter 4

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Isabela was the first one to wake up the next morning. She stirred at the sight of arms around her. She moved her head to see Niall sound asleep. No one else was in the living room. She guessed they all must have went to their bedrooms. She looked back at Niall again and just smiled. He looked so cute asleep. She ran her fingers through his hair and kissed his forehead. She slowly got up trying not to wake Niall. She walked to the kitchen to see Chelsea and Hayley sitting there.

“Morning. There is coffee over there if you would like some.” Chelsea smiled. She was so sweet. She was truly perfect for Liam. Hayley looked up and smiled.

“Are the other girls here too?” Isabela asked

“Yeah. We all fell asleep watching movies. Well that I know of. Zayn and Milan is kind of iffy.” Chelsea said. They all laughed and Isabela sat down at the table with them. “Mint?” Hayley offered Isabela. “We all have our own toothbrush here since we tend to crash here a lot. You might want to buy one.” Isabela laughed taking no offence to the comment. She figured since she just woke up her breath would spell like well, morning breath. The door swung open and Emilea walked through the door.

“Oh. I could smell the coffee. I don’t find it a shock that the girls are up first. Wait? Where’s Milan.. Eh nevermind.” Emilea laughed.

“So, Isabela, how are you liking it here?” Hayley asked

“Oh it’s great. I love that I get to meet you guys. I’ve heard so much about you from Milan.” Isabela replied. The door swung open again and Harry, Liam, and Louis walked though. Isabela didn’t think it would be long before Niall came through because of the noise.

“Morning ladies.” Harry said as he kissed Hayley. Liam walked over and placed a kiss on Chelsea and as did Louis with Emilea. Then they all got themselves a cup of coffee and sat down. Louis sat inbetween Emilea’s legs, Liam stood behind Chelsea, and Harry sat next to Hayley putting his head on her leg. Hayley sat there and played with Harry’s hair. Isabela smiled at how everyone in here belonged with their partner. They were all too cute. Someones hands come over Isabela’s face and planted a kiss on her cheek. She looked to the side to see Niall.

“Morning love.” He whispered. His accent seemed to dance in her ears. She felt goosebumps form on her arm. He grabbed a cup of coffee and went back to the living room. Isabela followed. “How was your night?” he asked knowing she was behind him.

“The most amazing night of my life.” She said and sat down on the couch and wrapped her feet under her. Niall smiled and took a sip of his coffee.

“Mine too.” He agreed. He grabbed Isabela’s hand with his free hand and started playing with her fingers. “What day do you go back?” he asked without looking up

“I thought we weren’t going to talk about this?” she replied

“I just want to know.”

“August 27th.”

“So we have about three months together.” He looked up and gave her a quick smile. He started to lean forward when he heard footsteps behind Isabela. Milan was finally up walking to the kitchen.

“Ha, sorry to ruin that moment.” Milan laughed and went through the kitchen door. Niall shook his head and gave Isabela a quick kiss. He hopped up and walked back to the kitchen. She smiled and then Zayn walked down the stairs.

“Look who is finally up.” Isabela laughed.

“No. I will hear it from all of them when I walk into the kitchen. Please not from you.” He said. Isabela laughed and stretched herself out on the couch. She closed her eyes for just a second and then she felt weight on her body. She opened her eyes to see Niall sitting on her. He gave her a big grin and she just laughed.

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