Chapter 21

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Isabela rested her head on Niall as they watched movies. They would steal kisses from each other occasionally. She felt her eyes get heavy and she sighed. “You’ve had a long couple of days and you changed time zones again. Go to sleep.” Niall whispered. She tried to object but when she opened her mouth it felt like to much effort to talk. Niall squeezed her letting her know he was there. She smiled and drifted to sleep. Niall stayed awake for a few more hours. He watched another movie then picked Isabela up and took her upstairs. She stirred a little, but she stayed asleep. Niall kissed her forehead and crawled into bed beside her. He scooted close to her and as if it was an automatic reaction she placed her hand on his chest. Niall smiled and fell asleep.

*A few weeks later*

“Are you feeling okay Isabela?” Milan asked. Isabela held her stomach and stood up.

“Yeah, I think I just have to stomach flu or something. I’m going to go lay down. When Niall comes home tell him that’s where I am please.” Isabela replied

“Are you sure it’s the stomach flu?”

“Well, I haven’t eaten anything suspicious so it can’t be food poisioning.”

“What’d you and Niall do when you came home?”

“We watched movies.”

“Is that it?” Isabela looked at her confused wondering what she was searching for. When it finally hit her, her eyes got wide.

“Wait, what are you thinking?” Isabela asked scared

“I’m thinking that maybe you should take a pregnancy test.” Milan said. “I can take you to go get one if you want. The boys won’t be home for another hour or so.”

“There’s no way.” Isabela was in shock. She didn’t know how to feel about this. Did she really want a baby? She just turned 18. What would people think of her? Actually she was more worried about what Niall thought.

“If you guys had sex then yeah, there is a way. Didn’t Harry tell you no babies a long time ago?” Milan laughed “Come on. Let’s go get you one.” Isabela followed Milan to the car. Milan quickly drove to the pharmacy and walked in with Isabela. “Here, get this one. It’s trustable.” Isabela looked at Milan confused. “What? I’ve had my share of pregnancy scares.” Milan gave her a big smile and Isabela laughed. They bought the test and drove home. Isabela drank a few glasses of water then went to the bathroom.

“We have to wait 10 minutes.” Isabela sighed. She sat on the couch next to Milan when the boys walked in. Isabela’s eyes got wide. “Milan come do my hair for me in the bathroom.” Milan caught on and they both walked to the bathroom. The boys looked at each other confused. Isabela sat on the counter and Milan sat on the floor. “This is so stressful. I don’t know how to feel about it!” Isabela sighed.

“Well, it’s been 10 minutes, so let’s see.” Milan said. She stood up in front of Isabela and Isabela picked up the test. Her face was hard to read as she looked at the test. “Well?” 

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