Chapter 9

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Isabela had to stay in the hospital for a few more days to make sure everything was going to go smoothly. She had two broken ribs and a fractured skull. The sight in her left eye would be blurry for quite awhile. Niall stayed by her side as much as he could, but with the summer coming to an end he had practice for their upcoming tour. He wasn’t going to leave, but Isabela made him. She told him everyday that she was fine and feeling better. He was always throw a fit so Isabela would laugh, give him a kiss, and shoo him away.

A few days had passed and Isabela would be released from the hospital today. It wasn’t just Niall refusing to go to practice today it was all of them. They all wanted to be home for when Isabela returned. “Please stay at my place for a few days so I can watch after you.” Niall begged. “I took a week off just to take care of you.” Niall would ask every 5 minutes.

“Fine! I will stay with you at your house.” Niall jumped and kissed her on the cheek. “Help me sit up please.” She asked. He ribs were still broken so it hurt for her to sit up by herself. Niall gently helped her up and then sat down in the chair that hasn’t moved in over a month. “I think that chair has your personal bum mark.” Isabela laughed. She grabbed her stomach. It hurt to laugh. Niall grabbed her hand and smiled at her. “Did my parents even come see me?” Isabela whispered. Before Niall had time to answer the Nurse walked in.

“Well Isabela, after a long month in here you can finally go home. Your aunt and uncle are downstairs  filling out the paperwork. You should be able to go in about five minutes.” She gave Isabela a grin and walked out of the room. Isabela looked back to Niall waiting for an answer. He tried to avoid answering.

“Five minutes! Let’s get you up. He went to grab her legs before her hand stopped him.

“They didn’t, did they?” Niall looked down and shook his head no. “I didn’t think they would. They are too busy with work to come see their dying daugh-“

“Enough. You didn’t die. You are alive and healthy. Now, lets get you up.” Niall finished reaching for he legs and brought them around to the edge of the bed. The nurse had brought in a wheelchair earlier today.

“Do I really have to ride in that?” Isabela sighed. Niall laughed and wrapped Isabela’s arm  around his neck. He was a little taller than her so he bent down trying not to strain her body. He helped her walk over to the wheelchair and sat her down.

“I’ll make it as fun as I can.” He smiled and pointed forward. She looked through the glass door to see Harry sitting in a wheelchair with Louis behind him. “They wanted to race.” Isabela laughed and they went out the door. Niall slowly shut the door to the place where he watched the love of life practically die where he spent over a month waiting for her to come back to him. His stomach turned and he twitched. He finished shutting the door and put a smile back on his face. “Let’s do this!” he laughed and they started racing down the hallway. At the end they met the nurse. She shook her finger at them. They pouted and put their heads down. Harry put the wheel chair up and they walked the rest of the way to the lobby. In a few short minutes Isabela would be at Niall’s resting with the love of her life and the best friends she could ever ask for. She saw her aunt and uncle downstairs and their faces lit up.

“Honey, we want you to know that you can move in with us.” Her aunt smiled. Isabela almost jumped out of her wheelchair but the pain stopped her. They went to the car and drove the way home. They went to her aunts and uncles first. She grabbed a few things and they told her they would get the rest for her later. Louis drove them to the house and Harry and Niall helped her up the porch steps while Louis held the door open. When she walked in everyone was standing in the living room.

“Welcome home!” they all yelled. Isabela felt tears sting her eyes.

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