Chapter 2

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Niall was awoken to the smell of bacon cooking downstairs. He walked down to see Louis cooking. “Morning sunshine!” Louis smiled “How did your night go?” he winked at Niall and Niall just shook his head and laughed.

“My night was just great, thanks for asking.”

“Everyone can see it in your eyes.” Liam said while walking through the kitchen door “You really like this girl.”

“I just met her guys.” Niall said. He took a piece of bacon and sat down at the table. Harry and Zayn walked through the door and sat down.

“What are we talking about?” Harry asked

“Niall’s new love life.” Louis said. The smile on his face grew bigger and bigger. “I’m sorry Niall, it’s just so exciting seeing you happy with someone. Last night your face was glowing.”

“Are we really going to sit here and talk about this like a bunch of girls?” Niall laughed

“I would love to, but I have a brunch date with Chelsea. See you lads later.” Liam said while walking out the door. Niall pulled out his phone and saw 1 new message. He smiled hoping it was from Isabela.

Hoping to see you today (:

Niall’s face lit up and everyone laughed. Louis giggled and said “Emilea and I are going to the carnival today. Would you lads like to go with us. Zayn you can call Milan, Harry you can call Hayley, and Niall you can bring Isabela. I would say call, but by the look on your face you two are already talking.”

“Are Liam and Chelsea going to go?” Harry asked

“No. Liam had already made plans for them when I asked.” Louis stated “So what do you say.”

“Milan said yes.” Zayn said. “So did Hayley.” Harry repeated. Everyone looked at Niall. “Yeah, we will go.” He said.

“Good. We leave at 6 p.m. That should give the girls enough time to get ready.” Louis said. Niall’s phone went off again. It was another text from Isabela.

I want to see you now. I don’t want to wait till the carnival.. Come over (:

Niall grinned and hopped up so fast that he hit his leg on the table. “Ow!” He screamed. Everyone just laughed at him. “Laugh all you want! I’m leaving.” He said. As he was walking out  the kitchen door Harry yelled “No babies!” Niall couldn’t help, but blush. “I’m not you Harry, sorry!” Niall knew that was the perfect comeback.

Niall rushed over to Isabela’s house. He started walking when he was almost there so he could catch his breath. He didn’t want to seem too eager. He walked  up onto the porch and knocked on the door.

“Niall, how very nice to see you.” Milan smiled. “Isabela is in the living room with the other girls.” Niall cocked his head. Other girls? He thought he was just going to be seeing Isabela. He walked into the living room to see Isabela sitting with three other girls. Isabela looked up and smiled. She ran over to Niall and gave him a big hug. Niall buried his face into her neck. She giggled and the girls behind him awed.

“So who are these ladies?”

“This is Katy, Alexy, and Jesse. They are Milan’s friends from out of town.” Isabela said. Niall smiled and waved at them. “So I thought we could go on a walk before the carnival.” Isabela said

“That would be brilliant. I know somewhere I can take you too. I’m sure you will love it.”  Niall smiled. Isabela agreed and went to tell her aunt and uncle that she was leaving. Niall grabbed her hand when she returned and they walked out the door to start their journey. “Yesterday you said you should have brought better clothes. Well, you look beautiful and I think you can rock anything.” Niall said. He put his hand on her chin so she couldn’t look down. She smiled and kissed Niall on the cheek. His cheeks turned cherry red. She rested her head on his shoulder for the rest of the walk. They walked for about five more minutes until they arrived at a beautiful lake.

“Oh my gosh! This is just so beautiful!” Isabela exclaimed. Niall smiled and took her face in his hands. “We have this one summer and I want it to be a summer I will never forget. You will be a girl I will never forget. I want to spend everyday and every waking minute I can.” Heat rose in Isabela’s face. She was speechless.

“I-I-I Don’t know what to say.” She whispered

“Then don’t.” Niall whispered back. He leaned in a softly places a kiss onto her lips. In that moment both of their worlds disappeared.

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