Chapter 3

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Isabela was the first to pull away. She looked straight into Niall’s eyes and smiled. “I can’t believe this. There is no way.” Niall smiled and kissed her forehead. He put his arm around her and brought her down to the ground with him. “Nice warning.” She smiled

“I’m just a normal lad. How many times will I have to tell you this.” Niall laughed as he laid his head back on Isabela’s lap. She laughed and started playing with his hair. “And don’t say anything about it being awkward because you’ve waited so long to do that because truth is, so have I.” Isabela’s eyebrows rose. She couldn’t believe that Niall Horan just told her he has been waiting to kiss her.  She leaned down and put a soft kiss on his lips. She could feel him smile under the kiss. She couldn’t help but smile back. Niall reached up and grabbed her hand. He moved it down to where it lay on his chest right above his heart. She smiled at him trying not to cry. Thousands of thought were going through her head. She would eventually have to leave him. She would have to go back to a home where she isn’t even liked. This summer was for her to get away from all the bullying. Everyone hated her for being a Directioner. She wanted to stay in this moment forever. It was just starting to hit her that she can’t keep Niall. She didn’t want this to be just a summer fling, she wanted to keep him forever. Slowly she felt herself fall in love with him. Every minute they spent together she tripped a little more. She opened her mouth to say something then thought about the fact that maybe Niall didn’t feel the same way. She closed her mouth and slowly shut her eyes trying not to let a tear fall. Niall opened his eyes and looked at Isabela.

“What’s wrong love?” he sat up and lifted her chin. She shook her head as if nothing was wrong. He raised his eyebrow and wiped a tear from her face. He brought his wet finger up to her face and said “A tear is not just nothing. Talk to me love.”

“I hate the fact that eventually I will have to go. I don’t want this to be just a summer fling. I want to be yours.” Her face went straight to the ground.

“I want you to be mine.” He whispered. She looked up into his deep blue eyes. His gaze was locked on her. She wanted to look away, but there was something about those eyes that wouldn’t let her move. “I’ll eventually have to leave too. I have tour and everything. We have all summer together so let’s not worry about this. For the summer, I am yours and you are mine. Deal?”

“Deal.” She smiled and kissed him. “We better get going so we aren’t late. I want to change.” She said. Niall laughed and jumped up. He grabbed both of her hands and helped her up. He put his arm around her and she reached up and intertwined her hand with his. He planted a big wet kiss on her cheek. She laughed and returned the favor. When they got back to Milans house Zayn was over. Niall and Isabela laughed.

“Can they ever keep their hands off eachother?” Niall laughed

“I don’t think so.” Milan and Zayn heard them. Milan stuck her tongue out and Zayn flipped them off.  They all laughed and Isabela and Niall walked up to her room.

“Are you going to take your makeup off?” Niall asked

“Yes, I am going to redo it. Why?” She replied. Niall smiled and just shook his head.

“Just wondering.” He watched her take off her makeup  and let her hair down. When she was about done Niall took his phone out. “Wait before you do anything else look at me.” He said. She turned around and Niall took a picture of her. He showed her the picture and whispered in her ear. “See this girl? She is mine and she is beautiful without makeup.” She smiled and he asked. “Are you going to do something with your hair?”

“Yes, I’m going to straighten it.”

“Can I do that?” She laughed and handed Niall the straightener. He started playing with strands of her hair then started straightening it. She laughed and said “Don’t ruin my hair!” Niall gave her a mischievous grin and continued his work. When he was done he covered her eyes and turned her to the mirror. “Wah-la!” he said while uncovering her eyes. “Oh my gosh! Have you done this before?” she asked

“Nope.” He gave a huge grin. He sat back down on the bed and watched her put on her makeup while saying over and over again that she didn’t need it. She would just laugh and carry on with what she was doing. There was a knock on the door and Milan came through the door.

“Hurry up. We are leaving in five.” She said then walked back out the door. Isabela stood up and Niall wrapped his arms around her from behind. He sat his chin on her shoulder and whispered “I can never tell you enough how beautiful you are.” He kissed her on the cheek and they walked down the stairs to get ready to leave.

Isabela and Niall rode with Milan and Zayn. They would be meeting Louis, Emilea, Harry, and Hayley there. Jesse, Alexy, and Katy were all going too. When we got to the carnival Harry and Hayley were sitting on a bench and Hayley was playing with Harry’s hair and teasing him. Louis and Emilea were running around like children. Louis will never grow up. Jesse, Alexy, and Katy all disappeared somewhere. Zayn and Milan immediately left to go ride rides. Niall looked at Isabela then looked at the farris wheel.

“No. No no no no no.” She said and started walking back to the others. Niall grabbed her around her waist and flipped her over his shoulder. “Niall James Horan!” she yelled “You put me down right now!” Niall laughed and avoided her kicking feet.

“Will you stop it? You are going to get us in trouble.” Niall laughed

“Us? You are taking me hostage!”

“Fine.” Niall put her down and looked at her. His face was pleading the same as it was on the beach. She rolled her eyes.

“You’re kidding me right?” She asked. Niall shook his head no and she sighed. “Fine. If I die it’s your fault”

“I would never let such a thing happen.” They walked up to farris wheel and Niall felt Isabela get tense. He squeezed her hand and smiled at her. They got on and it went around about three times. “See, it’s not so bad.” Niall smiled and kissed Isabela’s temple. Then the farris wheel stopped at the very top. Isabela freaked out and buried her head into Niall’s shoulder. Niall couldn’t stop laughing

“Stop it! This isn’t funny!” she whined. Niall tried to contain his laughter.

“I’m sorry. Its cute that’s it.” He wrapped his arms around her and she buried her face into his chest. She felt Niall start playing with her hair then kiss the top of her head. She honestly never wanted to let go of this moment. When they reached the bottom Niall helped Isabela out of the cart and she ran over to Harry and Hayley.

“Yell loud enough? We could hear you from down here.” Harry laughed

“Shut up.” Isabela laughed. Louis and Emilea were sitting on the other side of the table. They were in their own little world and Zayn and Milan were still off riding rides.

“When they get back are you guys ready to leave?” Louis asked. Everyone nodded and said yes. Zayn and Milan walked up. Zayn’s arm was around Milans shoulders and they were laughing. Isabela looked at them as the picture perfect couple. “Where are the other three? Liam wants us to come have a movie night with him and Chelsea. Someone text them.” Louis stated. Milan pulled out her phone and called Jesse.

“She said they will just find a ride home.” Milan said. Her and Zayn started walking to the car. Isabela and Niall followed behind. Zayn and Milan couldn’t seem to keep their faces off of eachothers. It was quite cute actually. Niall kept poking Isabela in the side and tickling her.

When they reached the house Liam and Chelsea had a recliner, Louis and Emilea had the love seat, Milan and Zayn shared the couch with Isabela and Niall, and Harry and Hayley took the floor. They started watching “The Notebook”. Isabela was excited because this was her favorite movie. They watched about three movies before Isabela fell asleep on Niall. Niall tried to scoot back without waking her. He wrapped her up in his arms and rested his head on hers. He was playing with hair. He felt his eyes get heavy so his kissed the top of Isabela’s head and slowly drifted to sleep.

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