Chapter 6

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After they had eaten they packed up and started the walk back home. Niall and Isabela walked a little slower than everyone else. They were stuck in their own little world of little kisses and goofing around. Milan kept look behind her and smiling at Isabela. She didn’t notice though. Her eyes stayed glued on Niall. They almost tripped a couple of times because neither of them were watching where they were going. The walk seemed too short for Niall’s liking. When they entered the house he walked with Isabela up to his room. She sat down on his bed and he sat on the floor. “There is a perfectly good bed you can sit on.” Isabela said. Niall shook his head no. “What?” she asked

“Just no.” he said

“I’m not going to try anything.” She laughed

“It’s not that. It’s just. Well.” He sighed. “I can’t say this any other way without making it sound awkward and weird.” Niall looked down to the floor and started playing with his shoe strings.

“Well, spit it out.”

“Well, uhm.” He hesitated “This is honestly super awkward for me.” He heard Isabela sigh. “I can pretty much hear you roll your eyes.” He laughed “Okay, well let’s see. I’ve had the time of my life with you for the past couple of days. I love when you play with my hair and I love the moments we have. Your kiss is very addictive. You are naturally beautiful and well.”

“Well what?”

“I’m uh, sexually attracted to you.” His cheeks burned red. He wouldn’t look up until he heard Isabela laughing in the background. “Why do you find my struggle funny?”

“It’s cute. I mean, I hope you would be attracted to me like that, or this relationship would just be awkward.” She laughed again and got down on the floor next to him. She moved his head to face hers. “You are just so cute.” She smiled and kissed him. “And man are your cheeks red!” she laughed.

“Don’t make fun of me! That was hard to say!” he said but couldn’t help at smiling at her. He leaned against the bed next to her. She laid her head down in his lap. He traced the outlines of her face with his fingers. She reached up and grabbed his hand. She put his and her hand up to her face and relaxed against in. Niall softly kissed her on the top of her head and then started to play with her hair. They heard laughing and yelling in the next room over.

“Who is next door to you?” Isabela laughed.

“Zayn.” He smiled “I put up with a lot more sometimes. The couch is very comfortable at times.” He laughed. Isabela smiled. She reached up with both hands and grabbed Niall’s face. His cheeks were warm and she brought his face down closer to hers. She stopped when he was just a few cenimeters away from her mouth.

“I love you” she whispered and brought him down for a kiss.

Isabela woke up lying on Niall’s bed. She hadn’t realized that she fell asleep. She sighed and looked at the clock on the side table. It was 5:27. “Ugh. I’m going to be up all night now.” She said. She walked downstairs to the smell of food and laughed. When aren’t they cooking some kind of food in this house? She found the boys were sitting on the couch this time. “So the girls are cooking this time?” she laughed

“Morning love.” Niall said as he got up and gave her a quick kiss.

“They told us we can’t go in because they are cooking a surprise. I’m quiet worried.” Louis said. Isabela laughed at them and walked into the kitchen.

“I told you to stay- Oh hi Isabela.” Emilea said. “I thought you were Louis.” She laughed. Isabela looked at all the food.

“Why all the food?” Isabela asked

“They are always cooking for us so we decided to return the favor.” Hayley said They went through the French doors in the kitchen and started setting the dinner table. Milan handed Isabela some glasses and smiled. She followed them into the huge dining room. Isabela hadn’t been in here so she was awed and the beauty. “Can someone go tell them that it’s time to eat?” Hayley asked.  Isabela took that as her cue and walked out to go get the boys.

“They are ready for you.” Isabela could barely get out before they all rushed by her. Niall stayed back. As Isabela was about to turn to walk away he grabbed her waist. He arched he back a little as he bent down to kiss her. They both fell onto the couch as they continued to kiss. Isabela wrapped her hands into Niall’s hair. He kissed her forehead down to her cheek then to her neck. “We are supposed to be eating.” Isabela said trying to hold back a laugh. Niall kissed her a few more times on the neck then back to her mouth.

“I find this so much more interesting.” He said. Isabela pulled back.

“Woah. No way did Niall Horan just turn down food.” She said. He laughed.

“Yes I did.” He smiled and leaned back in to kiss her before Harry came in. He laughed and shook his finger at them.

“Naughty naughty. It’s dinner time, and you should know that the couch isn’t that comfortable.” He gave a cheeky grin and walked back into the dining room. Niall shook his head trying to get the image out of his head. He stood up letting Isabela up. They walked into the dining room when everyone was whistling. They both blushed and took their seats.

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