Chapter 13

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They drove out of town with Niall’s hand resting over Isabela’s. She was still confused on where they were going but every time she would ask Niall would shake his head and laugh. They drove for about 30 minutes. They pulled up to a very nice Italian restaurant. It looked super expensive. She started to open her door, but before she could reach the handle Niall was already there opening it for her. He was such a gentlemen. He grabbed her hand and they walked into the large building.

“Reservation?” The host asked not looking up.

“Horan.” Niall said.

“Follow me.” The host lead us up a pair of stairs and up to a balcony. We had a perfect view of the city. It looked amazing! “Your waiter will be here in a second.” He said before walking away.

“Niall! This is absolutely breathtaking!” He smiled at me and took my hand.

“Just like you.”

“Niall that is so-“

“Corny? I know but there is honestly no way to explain how you look tonight.” He leaned over the table and kissed her. The waiter next to them cleared his throat. “Oh sorry.” Niall said pulling away.

“What would you like to drink?” he voice was emotionless. This place was amazing but their service sucked.

“A bottle of your nicest wine.” Niall requested. The waiter eyed me, knowing I was not old enough to drink. He shrugged and walked away. Niall stood up and walked behind Isabela. He started to whisper Spanish into her ear. His Irish accent running thick in the words. Isabela’s heart skipped a beat. She could feel his breath on her neck. He kissed her neck and then sat back down.

“Really? You did not just do that.” Isabela said

“What?” Niall laughed

“You can’t just turn me on in public and then just leave me hanging. Turn me off!”

“Nope. I will let you suffer.” The waiter brought their wine and two wine glasses.

“Do you know what you want?” they both nodded and ordered their food. Music was playing and Niall stretched out his hand.

“May I have this dance?” Isabela laughed and stood up. Niall place one of her hands on his shoulder and held the other. His hand went to her waist and they started to waltz. Waltz? Since when did Isabela know how to waltz? She followed Niall’s steps and smiled. He put his forehead on hers, having to bend down a little. “I love you darling.” He whispered.

“I love you too.” She smiled and leaned in to kiss him. They went to sit back down realizing that their food had arrived. After they ate they looked at the view for a few minutes. Niall grabbed her hand and walked back down the stairs and to the car. He leaned over in the car in kissed her. His hand was placed softly on her cheek. Neither of them pulled away because neither wanted to let go. After about 10 minutes of kissing with barely any breathers they headed on their way home. Isabela rested her head on Niall’s shoulder while he drove. She shortly fell asleep. She heard the car door shut and she stirred.

“Shh.” Niall said. He had ahold of her bridal style. “I’m going to put you to bed.” He walked her up to his room and laid her down on the bed. He turned but Isabela caught his arm.

“Don’t leave.” Niall smiled. He was hoping for that. Niall wrapped her in his arms and she nuzzled up closer to his chest. “I will never leave you.” He whispered placing a soft kiss on the top of her head.

“No Niall! Don’t leave me Niall! Don’t leave!” Isabela screamed but her voice was hoarse. “Niall please come back.” She dropped to her knees crying. “Niall.” The name was drowned by her sobs. It started to rain, but she laid on the cement crying for Niall to come back. “You promised me you would never leave me Niall. You promised me forever.” She shivered and traced the line on the sidewalk. Suddenly everything was shaking. She got so scared and with her natural reaction she screamed for Niall, but there was no answer.

“Isabela.” Niall said shaking her awake. “Come on love, it was just a bad dream.” Isabela was soaked in tears and sweat. Niall wiped her tears away and held her close to his chest. She held on tight to Niall still crying. “Isabela, everything is fine. It was just a bad dream. Calm down.” Niall stroked her hair Isabela had been having bad dreams ever since the wreak. Niall would always ask her what they were about but every time she tried to explain she would start to cry again. He felt so bad for her. Isabela finally stopped crying and Niall cupped his hands to her face. He placed a kiss softly on her lips and gripped her tighter. He only had 3 days left with her. He has taken her out every night. Isabela pushed herself up and moved the hair out of her eyes.

“I’m sorry I keep doing this to you and waking you up.” Isabela frowned. She got off the bed and walked over to her bag on the floor. She turned around to say something after she got clothes, but Niall was right in front of her.

“Stop apologizing.” Niall whispered. He gave her a kiss on the forehead and grabbed her clothes from her hand.

“I need to go take a sho-“ he words were cut off by Niall slamming his lips against hers. Isabela pulled away. “Shower.” Niall gave her a grin. “Not what I meant.” He frowned. “Niall, I am sweaty and nasty. I’m going to take a shower.” Niall sighed and sat back down on the bed. She had been holding out on him ever since the night at the restaurant. He didn’t think she was seriously mad at him, but she teased very well. Sometimes to an unbearable extent. She would smile at him and walk away like she hadn’t done anything. He walked downstairs after she had gone into the bathroom. Everyone  was already downstairs which was weird because it was so early.

“Why are you guys up so early?” Niall asked. Louis turned and smiled at him.

“Goodmorning Nialler.” Louis said

“So, why are you guys up?” he asked

“We went out and did something this morning. Just us and the girls.” Harry said with a smirk on his face. Everyone turned to Niall who looked kind of mad.

“Why didn’t you invite Isabela and me?”

“Eh.” Harry said. Niall fumed out the door. They have always everything together. They never left anyone out. He thought to himself that he was mad for no reason. He went for a walk to calm himself.

Isabela walked out of the bathroom. She skipped downstairs looking for Niall. She could hear the boys downstairs laughing. She figured he would be down there. “Hey guys! Wheres Niall?”

“I think he went for a walk.” Liam said.

“Oh. Can I borrow one of your guys phone?” She asked. Harry handed her his phone and she texted Niall

Meet me and the park (:

She handed the phone back to Harry and slipped on her flip flops and walked out the door. She arrived at the park and she saw Niall sitting on a bench. She came up behind him and yelled. Niall jumped and turned around. She gave him a huge grin and laughed. “You are gunna get it!” Niall yelled

“You have to catch me first Horan.” She smirked. Niall ran after her and it didn’t take him long to catch her. He was very fast and she was in flip flops. He tackled her to the ground and smiled.

“Gotcha.” He winked  and kissed her softly.

“Of course, we are in public.” Isabela sighed. Niall knew what that meant and he sighed too. He lay down on the grass next to her and grabbed her hand. He intertwined his fingers with hers and kissed her knuckles. “3 days.” Isabela said sadly. Niall sat up and leaned over her body. He kissed her several times.

“How did I get so lucky? Like I honestly don’t understand.” Niall whispered before kissing her again.

“I was wondering the same thing.” Isabela laughed. Niall picked her up off the grass and she hopped onto his back.

“Where to Miss Aquino?

“I guess back home Mr. Horan.” Niall laughed and started walking.

“One day, I’m going to make that your last name. I’m going to make you mine forever.” He said softly

“I already am yours forever.” Isabela replied.

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