Chapter 18

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Today was the day that Niall was leaving for tour. He skyped and called Isabela every night. Half the time he woke up late or tired because they are in different time zones. When he was with the boys his nose was stuck in his phone. They often made fun of him for it. “Hey! You guys are constantly texting your girlfriends when they aren’t right by your side. So shut up!” Niall yelled and walked out of the room. He went for a walk and ended up at the tree. He moved the leaves and sat under it. His eyes closed and memories flashed through his mind of him and Isabela. He smiled at the thought and his phone went off.

“Hello.” Niall said

“Dude, come back home. We are getting ready to leave.” Harry said through the phone.

“Fine.” Niall sighed and walked back home. When he got there he ran upstairs and placed the photo of Isabela and him in his bad. He walked downstairs and placed it next to his suitcase. “Ready.” Niall said. They all walked out the door and Niall was the last out. He locked it and stuck the key in his pocket. He turned quickly and the silver chain that hung on his neck hit him in the face. He sighed and walked off the porch to the car. They drove away till they got to the tour bus. They put all of their stuff on the bus and said bye to everyone. They all piled onto the bus and then took off. Niall pulled out my phone and started to text Isabela. They were talking about their days. Isabela told him things have gotten better since her mom was forced to leave. Her and her dad have become closer and he has even given her permission to move there. Niall opened his phone and read the text.

He wants to meet you.

Niall was shocked. He never thought of meeting her dad. He knew he would have to eventually, but he didn’t really think about it.

I will when I get back from tour(: Promise

He laid his head back and stared at the ceiling. The rest of the boys were playing some game. “Niall!” Harry yelled. “Come play.”

“Nah, I’m good guys. Thanks though.” He replied. “I’ve never wanted a tour to go by faster.” He thought to himself.


Isabela walked downstairs to the kitchen. She saw her dad on the computer. “Hey dad. I’m thinking about fixing supper tonight. What do you want?”

“Actually, I was thinking we could go out tonight. Just you and me. What do you say Bela?” he has started calling her that more.

“Sounds great.” She smiled and kissed her dad on the cheek.

“So when do I get to meet this boy of yours?” He asked

“When he gets back from tour.”

“Alright. I’ll be expecting him.”

“You will also be nice!” Isabela laughed

“We will see.”

Isabela woke up to her phone going off. She looked at the clock on her side table. It was 4 in the morning. She groaned and picked up her phone it was Milan.

“What?” Isabela said

“Well, someone sounds grumpy.” Milan replied

“You woke me up at 4 in the morning. This better be important.”

“Oh, time difference. Totally forgot.”

“Well, what did you call for?”

“I can call back later?”

“No, it’s fine. I’m almost wide awake now.”

“Okay well oh my god! Guess what?” Milan’s voice got louder and more excited

“I’m not going to guess so just tell me.”

“Zayn asked me to marry him! The ring is so beautiful! I’m so excited like oh my god!” Isabela sat up in bed to the news.

“Oh my god Milan! That’s awesome! I’m so happy for you! You will have to send me a picture of the ring!”

“I will promise! And thank you! I can’t wait to see you again! I freaking miss you woman!”

“I miss you too and I will be there as soon as I can. I think I’ve convinced my dad to let me go before my birthday. I will feel bad leaving him though.”

“Well, get here as soon as you can! All of us miss you. Now go back to bed. Night love you!”

“Alright. Night love you too!” Isabela laughed and hung up the phone. She threw it on the side table and walked downstairs. Her dad was up eating breakfast. “Why are you up so early?”

“Got to go to work. I’m always up around this time. Why do you think I go to bed so early?” he replied.

“Because you’re old.” Isabela laughed.

“Ha-ha you are so funny.” He picked up his brief case and gave Isabela a kiss on the forehead. “See you later Bela.”

“Bye dad.” Isabela scanned the refrigerator looking for something to eat. She decided to make herself an omelet. She ran upstairs and got her phone off the bed. She looked at her screen saver. It was of her and Niall. She smiled but she could feel an ache in her chest. She missed him so much. She sat her phone down on the island and started cooking her food. After cooking and eating she looked at the time. It was just not coming to 5. She sighed and went upstairs to change. She decided to go for a run. She threw her hair up in a ponytail and left her phone on the bed. She walked out the door and started running. She couldn’t clear her mind though. Memories flashed through her head of the summer. She stopped running and broke down crying. She crouched down and put her hands on her head and her head between her legs. She missed him so bad. She turned to walk back home when she heard a voice.

“Isabela? Is that you?” they said. Isabela turned to see her old school friend. “Isabela it is you.” She smiled and walked up to give Isabela a hug but stopped. “You’re very sweaty.”

“I’ve been running.” Isabela replied. “Did you want something?”

“Well that’s a little harsh don’t you think?”

“No. I don’t think that. We use to be best friends and you dropped me when I needed someone the most!”

“You had an over obsession with that little boy band of yours.”

“My boyfriend is in that little boy band and they happened to save my life. So hop off. I don’t want to talk to you.”

“Boyfriend? Which one are you dating? And I honestly doubt they saved your life.”

“They did. They were my only hope and when I needed someone they were there.”

“They didn’t even know you. Now I know why everyone makes fun of you.”

“They can make fun of me all they want, but I am dating Niall Horan and you can spread that around!” Isabela laughed

“Whatever!” She said and walked away. Isabela laughed even harder and ran home. She picked up her phone and texted Niall.

I miss you like crazy! See you soon! <3 <3 <3

She put her phone down and went to take a shower. When she got out she rested her eyes for a few hours. She woke back up at 11. She checked her phone, but still nothing. She wanted to sleep these next months away until she was with Niall again.

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