Chapter 20

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Isabela woke up still in Niall’s arms. She smiled and looked up at Niall who had been playing with her hair. She finally felt whole again. She turned her body so she was facing Niall. “Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” Niall whispered

“Yes.” Isabela laughed. “I will never be as beautiful as you though. You have the beauty inside and out and you are just the most caring person ever. I feel for you just for your personality.” She leaned up and kissed him softly.

“Let’s get packing. I want to get you home as soon as I can.” Niall said. Isabela smiled at the word home.

“I’ll be right back.” Isabela got up and walked to her dads office. “Why are you letting me go?” She asked. He looked up from his paper.

“I’m letting you go because it’s only fair. I was the worst father in the world and you deserve so much better. From what I’ve heard about him and talked to him about he is what’s right. I definitely approve.” He smiled at her and looked back down at his paper.

“I love you dad.” Isabela whispered and walked out of the room. She walked back into her room and saw Niall sitting on the bed. He stood up when Isabela walked into the room. They started packing again and were done in just a few hours. “Finally!” Isabela groned. She fell back onto the bed and put her hands in her hair. “I am so tired.” Niall laughed at her and pulled her up.

“Lazy.” He smirked

“Never.” She smiled at him and kissed him. She missed the kiss so much that she wanted to kiss him as much as possible. “I absolutely love you Niall.” She whispered

“I know for a fact that I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” He placed a kiss on the top of her nose and let her go. He looked at the clothes that sat on the bare dresser. “Did you want to take a shower before we left?” Niall asked

“Yes. Give me a few minutes?”

“Absolutely. I will go talk to your father.” He smiled and walked away. She hopped in the shower wondering what her father and Niall would be talking about.  She took the quickest shower she could. She was ready to go home. The word home tingled on her lips. She dried herself off and got dressed. She didn’t really want to do anything special with her hair since it was a pretty long flight. She threw it up in a bun and walked out of the bathroom. Her bags were out of the room and she walked downstairs and saw her dad laughing. She smiled because she hasn’t seen him smile or laugh in years. She walked next to Niall and put her hand on his shoulder. “Are you ready?” he asked. His voice was a little quieter but cheerful.

“Yupp.” Isabela smiled. She looked at her dad and saw he had a smiling face. She figured he was serious when he wanted this for her. “I will come see you often. I promise.” She walked over and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you so much dad. Just for being there.” She smiled at him and walked away.

“I love you Bela. Always will.”

“I love you too dad.” She helped Niall with the bags but he already grabbed most of them. They walked out the door and Isabela waved again at her dad. They walked to the truck and put all her bags in the back.

“I’ve got us a private jet so we won’t have to go through so much trouble with security and all your stuff and so we can have some peace and quiet because I’m sure we won’t get that when we get home. They ride to the airport seemed short, but that might have been because Isabela and Niall couldn’t keep their hands off eachother. The plane was no different. Halfway through the flight Isabela fell asleep on Niall. He looked down in awe at her. He kissed her forehead and closed his eyes. He started to hum songs until he slowly fell asleep too. They rested in eachothers arms until they reached home.

Home. The word that constantly ran through Isabela’s head.

When they reached the house they took all of Isabela’s stuff up to Niall’s room. Luckily everyone was out of the house right now so they had some time to unpack a little. After they got done unpacking they walked downstairs and Isabela got showered with hugs. “We’ve decided to leave you guys to an empty house tonight.” Harry said and winked. Isabela rolled her eyes and smiled. She thought it was actually a great idea. She would love a night alone with Niall.

“Shut up Harry.” Niall’s cheeks were flushed with red. Everyone laughed and Harry took Hayley’s hand.

“See you tomorrow. Have fun.” He winked again and they walked out the door. Niall turned to Isabela.

“What do you want to do?” he asked

“Just be with you.” She smiled and kissed his lips.

“You are just proving Harry’s point.” Niall laughed.

“Maybe that’s what I want to do.” She smiled and pulled him closer to her. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He walked up to the bedroom without breaking away from their kiss. He softly placed her on the bed and kissed down her neck. Her hands found his hair and his found hers. They slowly undressed eachother and Niall kissed down her body. "I love you so much Niall."

Niall got up and slid on some boxers. “Do you want something to eat?” Isabela nodded and got up. She dressed herself and followed Niall downstairs. He pulled down the lucky charms and started to pour some into a bowl. “What? This isn’t lucky charms! There are no marshmallows in this!” Isabela almost fell over laughing. “What?”


“Wait what?”

“Harry picks all the marshmallows out of it when he eats the cereal. That’s why you never have any marshmallows in it.” Isabela laughed. Niall’s face went serious.

“I shall kill him.” He squinted his eyes and poured the cereal back in the box.

“What are you doing?” Isabela asked

“Well, this cereal is no fun to eat without marshmallows in it. I don’t want it anymore!” he whined. Isabela laughed again.

“Do you want me to fix you something to eat?” Niall turned to her and gave her a big smile. “What do you want?” she sighed in a playful manner.

“Uhm, bacon!” Niall sounded like a child.

“Okay.” Isabela got out bacon and started to fry it. “Is that all you want?”


“Is that it? And I don’t even understand your craving for breakfast food. It is almost 8 pm. You’re weird.” Niall got up and kissed her cheek.

“You love me though.” Isabela smiled and kissed him quickly.

“You have me there.” Niall stood next to Isabela and studied her. “Yes?”

“When I was told we were having our first world tour I was excited. I thought I had it all. I never realized that I didn’t until I met you.” He walked up to her and started whispering Spanish in her ear. His Irish accent rolling sweetly off his tongue. He wrapped his arms around Isabela and she felt goosebumps fly up her arms. He rubbed her arms with his hands and they started swaying softly. The speaking turned into singing. Spanish words came out of his mouth touched with a thick Irish accent. He stood behind her with his arms wrapped around her waist while she was cooking. His chin rested on her shoulder.

“You make this hard to cook.” Isabela laughed. He started to move away when Isabela caught his hand. “Stay.”

“I will say this as many times as I have too to get it through your head. I will stay, forever.”

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