Chapter 23

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*About 5 months later*

“Hey I’m going shopping today with Milan. Do you want to go with us?” Hayley asked

“I have a doctors appointment first. Do you guys want to go with Niall and me? I’m finding out today if it’s a boy or a girl so that way I can shop for the baby.” Isabela responded

“Sure!” Hayley agreed. They both sat at the table in the kitchen. Isabela was drinking tea and Hayley was drinking coffee. Over the past couple months Isabela has gotten really close with Hayley.

“Well, I better go wake Niall so he can get ready to go. Will you go wake up Milan?” Isabela asked

“Sure thing. What time are you leaving?”

“10:30.” Isabela said. Hayley nodded and walked out of the kitchen. Isabela stood up and smiled at her now showing belly. She thought she was a little bigger than she should be for 5 months along but she didn’t let it worry her. A big baby is a healthy baby. She rubbed her belly and walked upstairs to wake up Niall. “Wake up love.” She whispered shaking him slightly. He stirred and moaned.

“I don’t wanna!”

“Get up you lazy bum.” Isabela laughed. Niall sighed and sat up. Isabela ran her fingers through his hair. “Go take a shower and get rid of this bed head.” He stuck his tongue out at her and walked to the bathroom. Isabela walked back downstairs and found Milan and Hayley. They both smiled at her. “He is taking a shower real quick then we will leave.” She smiled and sat down.

Niall walked down about 10 minutes later. He grabbed Isabela’s hand and helped her up. “Tonight after we find out what the baby is we will announce it.” Niall kissed her on the cheek and they all walked to the car. They arrived at the hospital in about 15 minutes and immidiatly got into the room. Milan and Hayley waiting in the waiting room and Niall walked in with her.

“Lift your shirt please.” The doctor said. Isabela did as told and looked back at the doctor. She had some blue stuff in her hand. “This is going to be cold.” Isabela flinched as she put the stuff on her stomach. “That would explain it.” The doctor said to herself.

“Explain what?” Niall asked

“Why she is so big at 5 months. You are having twins.” She turned and faced Niall and Isabela. “Congratulations.” Niall smiled and a tear fell from Isabela’s eye.

“Do you know their genders?” Isabela asked

“You get one of each. So if you two had a disagreement on what you wanted you get one of each.” Isabela smiled and cried a little bit. “You can put your shirt down. I will be right back I am going to go get these sonograms for you.” She walked out of the room and Niall wrapped Isabela in a hug.

“I don’t think I could be any more excited!” Niall whispered in her ear. He kissed her several times. “I love you so much!”

“I love you too!” Isabela wiped her eyes dry.

“Come to my interview with me tonight. No one has seen how big you’ve gotten and plus I want you to be there when I announce it.”

“What time?”


“I should be done shopping by then.” The doctor walked in and handed them their sonograms and they walked out to Milan and Hayley.

“So what is it?” Milan asked eagerly.

“A boy and a girl.” Isabela smiled

“Wait what? There is two in there?” Milan asked

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