Tick Tock (15)

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Chapter Fifteen


It had been a boring day of school, the majority of the day dominated by thoughts of Jamie. Her new look had been warmly welcomed by the students of Balerno High, and the level of attention from the predator guys of the school had increased tenfold. However, I was mainly focusing on the fact that Jamie had no idea how to react around the guys that were giving her so much attention. That fact alone could ruin my plan.

To get Darren, she had to be able to manipulate him, wrap him around her little finger. That would be easy, because she knew him so well. But, it would also be difficult, because she didn’t know him sexually: she didn’t know what he looked for in a girl. We could guess through his previous girlfriends and current shags.

Jamie had to become an Olivia clone. To be an Olivia clone, you had to know how to make the boys fall head over heels for you. Jamie just wasn’t confident enough to make a move. Sure, her little display on Sunday was pretty impressive, but that was only from the shock of slutty clothing. That would soon wear off and we’d be back to square one.

I had to teach Jamie to be a total slut. And for that, she needed a guy to practice on. Someone she was comfortable with.

I had a plan about that. But I would have to enlist the help of someone in the year below.

“CHELSEA!” I hollered. I saw her pause at the door, just as she was going to exit the school. I waved, and she noticed me, so didn’t proceed to leave. I made my way through the crowd until I finally reached her. “Could I ask a favour?”

* * *

Smiling smugly to myself, I headed into the assembly hall, ready for rehearsals for Peter Pan.

To be honest, I wasn’t in the mood for rehearsals today. Especially when we were doing the ‘kiss’ scene. Especially when we were doing the ‘kiss’ scene with him.

Sure, I was dating Kevin as I hadn’t had a chance to break up with him yet. Sure, I hadn’t made it clear that I was interested in him. But, really, did he have to go behind my back like that? And with my friend too! I couldn’t believe her!

I had accidently let slip to Amy about my crush on Robbie. That was before I found out what a manipulating cow she was. I knew she was a bitch, and didn’t exactly like me, but I thought it would be nice to give her the benefit of the doubt, and I didn’t mean to tell her about my feelings for Robbie. It kind of just slipped out one day when I was talking to Jamie, and didn’t realise Amy was listening in.

I should have realised then that Amy was going to destroy Robbie. Everything she touched turned to dust, and her face was always contorted with hatred when she looked at me. I don’t know what I did to hurt her, but I didn’t appreciate being hated on all the time!

I had thought about Robbie and Amy a lot since finding out about their relationship at Olivia’s party the other night.

“Robbie?” I asked, squinting through the darkness. Yes! It was Robbie, standing in the garden. Locked in... My heart fell. He was locked in a tight embrace with Amy, connected at the lips, his hands wrapped around her waist. Her hands in his hair. I swallowed hard as I watched them wrestle with their tonsils. I felt sick.

“Robbie?” I asked again, a little louder this time. It couldn’t be true. He couldn’t be in a relationship with Amy! Not Amy – anyone but Amy!

They broke apart, and Robbie’s eyes widened in shock. Then he ducked his head, almost as if he were ashamed. But ashamed of what? Of kissing Amy, or being caught kissing Amy?

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