Tick Tock - Time's Running Out

Tick Tock - Time's Running Out

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Zoe By zoeproudfoot Completed

“Aww, baby!” I muttered, pulling her in for a hug again. As she hugged me, I thought about how innocent she was. Then it was like a lit light bulb was held over my head. “We’re going to turn you into a right wee slut,” I muttered. Then I said it louder, a fully formed plan strolling into my mind. I pulled Jamie away from me and looked into her eyes. “We’re going to transform you into a girl no boy could possibly resist.”

“Like Mission Sexy?” Jamie asked, looking puzzled.

“Exactly!” I told her. “Mission drop-dead gorgeous, sexy and totally boy-licious!”

“That’s a bit of a long name,” Jamie said, screwing up her nose. “Can we just call it Mission Sexy?”

Jamie Black has her heart set on dating her school's old heart throb, Darren Gold. However, Darren is Jamie's brother's best friend, and only sees Jamie as a sister. Jamie chooses to change her apperance and innocent attitude to get Darren's attention.
With the days counting down to Darren's departure to University, will Jamie be able to bag the bloke? Or will fate intervene?
Sluts, Boys, Booze and Spots. What else does a story need?

Zoë Proudfoot calls it: "All right."
Eilidh says: "YES" (I don't know either. I'm convinced she's on drugs, tbh!)
My parents say: "It's a waste of time!" (PAH!)