There for You by whenhazzametboo
There for Youby whenhazzametboo
Eleven year old Zayn is abused at home, and Mr. Tomlinson finds out.
  • counseling
  • daddy
  • teacher
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Studying and Revision by MotherDelinquent
Studying and Revisionby Unreasonably Greasy
This is where I'm putting my revision for my GCSEs. It's more to motivate me to study, but if anyone needs anything to help, be my guest. I'll have a couple of chapters...
  • drama
  • geography
  • maths
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The new teacher ( BTS JHOPE X READER)  by BTS_Fan94RM
The new teacher ( BTS JHOPE X LondonToParis95
I thought I'd never see him again, that one lesson would be all. I was wrong. Highest rank: #1 in teacher and #1 in jhopexreader
  • jhopexreader
  • maturelanguage
  • jhope
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Falling For Him by akeelah
Falling For Himby K Konyana
She was looking for her knight in shining armour, she was looking for her prince charming, a man who will sweep her off her feet, but she found the complete opposite. J...
  • student
  • sister
  • year
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Amour Partagé.  by miawolf01
Amour Partagé. by Mia
" FAUT QUE TU FASSES UN CHOIX PEYTON ÇA PEUX PLUS DURER COMME ÇA ! JE NE SUIS PAS UN JOUET ". Je baissais la tête, savais qu'il a raison. Que faire ? Choisir L...
  • jamiedornan
  • christiangrey
  • highschool
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Geo-Info Notes (III Semester) by EldaahGlade
Geo-Info Notes (III Semester)by Eldaah Glade
Hello Geo-Informaticians! This work is exclusively for you. You can find the necessary notes that you are looking for here. Notes will be available for all courses in ou...
  • academics
  • semester
  • remotesensing
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Like To Be You [BxB] by LevittDawn
Like To Be You [BxB]by saanvi
Tyler Beckett wants Neil Graham. Neil Graham hates Tyler Beckett. Yet every time Neil looks at him, he can't help but loathe him lesser and lesser and fall deeper and...
  • gay
  • school
  • wattpride
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Just Classmates? ✔️ by chimtaekookies
Just Classmates? ✔️by cherrie
#Shourtney in high school. What would happen? (UNDER EDITING!!) _________________________________________ A little sneak peak for you guys: This year is courtney's fir...
  • shaynetopp
  • classmates
  • shartney
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Facts, rants and more random stuff *facepalms* by bluemoonlitnight
Facts, rants and more random vanshika 🌈
just random things I'm gonna post, no biggie 😂👅
  • random
  • immature
  • rant
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GCSE Revision!!! by Laurie-Evelyn
GCSE Revision!!!by Laurie Evelyn
This is just going to be my tips and tricks on how to revise, what works best for me, and actual revision notes --> however as the GCSEs are all changing because of...
  • howtorevise
  • exams
  • additonalscience
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The Mathematical Chances of Hope by AlessandroSalbego
The Mathematical Chances of Hopeby Alessandro Salbego
A young man is becoming a student at Nominis Ficta University. What he discovers along the way will be an experienced far different than what he imagined and so too woul...
  • maths
  • psychological
  • university
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Wolf Meet Bite by isabellamarie33
Wolf Meet Biteby Isabella Marie
What happens when traditions and rules are a threat to you and your friends? Will you leave your mate? Will you stay and fight against everything you know? Do you put...
  • family
  • love
  • wattys2018
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Maths GCSE Revision by Moon_Tiger395
Maths GCSE Revisionby Isha_Rashid395
These are some GCSE Maths revision notes. It will take a while to finish but I hope it helps. 😊
  • maths
  • school
  • help
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Knowing Jude  by _Karwitha
Knowing Jude by Lynne
COMPLETED || "You're not the kind of girl I'd usually kiss," he says, his eyes latching onto my lips. "But I'll do it anyway." Then the cocky jerk le...
  • obsession
  • depressed
  • crush
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MATHS by busyadventuring
MATHSby Belle
Here I am.
  • school
  • maths
  • letter
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GCSE Revision (9-1) + some general studying tips for school! by Reyna-Reads
GCSE Revision (9-1) + some Reyna
Hello there! This book was mainly created for the purposes of helping everyone who is taking their GCSE's with revision and exam practice etc. It will cover lots of revi...
  • religious-studies
  • exams
  • england
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Let's Learn Java Basics by misspinklady3
Let's Learn Java Basicsby Amy
Updated every Wednesday (last update on 18/10/2018). FREE CODING LESSONS from a teen girl that loves coding! No, that doesn't make us nerds. Coding is super cool! You ge...
  • non-fiction
  • variables
  • coding
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mathematics » seokjin by riceordie
mathematics » seokjinby hai ✨
why was a stranger helping her with her maths? @riceordie ; wattpad 2016 this is pure fiction - anything that resembles the real world or any other works is pure coincid...
  • kpop
  • maths
  • bangtan
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Calculus: A Basic Introduction by skulduggery_potter
Calculus: A Basic Introductionby Fan girl for life
Calculus surrounds all of us every day. But most people either don't want to learn about this glorious subject, or find it too difficult. That is where this book comes i...
  • math
  • calculus
  • integral
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A tale from the past by TheDropletStory
A tale from the pastby The Droplet Story
the background story from the characters, how were their lives before? Here you will read the tales
  • mathematics
  • nerds
  • droplet
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