There for You by whenhazzametboo
There for Youby whenhazzametboo
Eleven year old Zayn is abused at home. Mr. Tomlinson finds out.
  • harry
  • daddy
  • fluff
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Knowing Jude  by _Karwitha
Knowing Jude by Lynne
COMPLETED || "You're not the kind of girl I'd usually kiss," he says, his eyes latching onto my lips. "But I'll do it anyway." Then the cocky jerk le...
  • fiction
  • football
  • jock
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Just Classmates? ✔️ by chimtaekookies
Just Classmates? ✔️by cherrie
#Shourtney in high school. What would happen? (UNDER EDITING!!) _________________________________________ A little sneak peak for you guys: This year is courtney's fir...
  • shayney
  • school
  • maths
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NiVay / AdNi TS : Yeh Maths Ki Chemistry Hain By Fenu by 7Fenil5
NiVay / AdNi TS : Yeh Maths Ki Fenu
Two Pearls Story On Advay & Chandani ~AdNi~NiVay !!
  • adni
  • maths
  • romance
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Like To Be You [BxB] by sleepyinseattIe
Like To Be You [BxB]by saanvi
Tyler Beckett wants Neil Graham. Neil Graham hates Tyler Beckett. Yet every time Neil looks at him, he can't help but loathe him lesser and lesser and fall deeper and...
  • angstyshit
  • lgbt
  • lgbtq
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A tale from the past by TheDropletStory
A tale from the pastby The Droplet Story
the background story from the characters, how were their lives before? Here you will read the tales
  • issues
  • boyxboy
  • droplet
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Math Jokes! ✓ by morgandstone
Math Jokes! ✓by Morgan D. Stone
So, math. Most people will encounter math at some point in their lifetimes and many people will view it as a huge problem that hinders their fun. This may not be your pr...
  • nerdy
  • calculus
  • math
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The Golden Trilogy  by Lita20033
The Golden Trilogy by Lita
The sweet story of three close friends who want to make a difference. Join George, Diane and Leona on their journey to conquer their dreams! Remember: Never. Judge a boo...
  • diane
  • funny
  • sport
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Dared & Kidnapped by RadsandShiney
Dared & Kidnappedby Rads & Shiney
Victoria Monte Carlo, a 17 year old girl, and your typical, popular, Queen Bee. Well minus the short skirts and tops and hundred minions. To her, black leather jackets a...
  • puns
  • king
  • inneundos
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Falling For Him by akeelah
Falling For Himby K Konyana
She was looking for her knight in shining armour, she was looking for her prince charming, a man who will sweep her off her feet, but she found the complete opposite. J...
  • maths
  • friends
  • student
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GCSE Revision!!! by Laurie-Evelyn
GCSE Revision!!!by Laurie Evelyn
This is just going to be my tips and tricks on how to revise, what works best for me, and actual revision notes --> however as the GCSEs are all changing because of...
  • history
  • german
  • revisiontechniques
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Let's Learn Java Basics by misspinklady3
Let's Learn Java Basicsby Amy
FREE CODING LESSONS from a teen girl that loves coding! No, that doesn't make us nerds. Coding is super cool! You get to CREATE anything you want! Bonus - jobs pay reall...
  • software
  • computers
  • creativity
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My Maths Sensei by jzzyamr
My Maths Senseiby jzzyamr
There's a maths teacher that I hate but soon fall in love with. He have those cute dimples that I really want to poke on it. I'm weak when it comes to dimples. BUT I HA...
  • knj
  • rm
  • rapmon
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Maths GCSE Revision by Moon_Tiger395
Maths GCSE Revisionby Isha_Rashid395
These are some GCSE Maths revision notes. It will take a while to finish but I hope it helps. 😊
  • help
  • school
  • maths
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Maths GCSE by Revise_You_Donk
Maths GCSEby Revise_You_Donk
A book about maths. It's all coped from the maths GCSE textbook I was forced to cry over. So here's maths!
  • maths
  • gcse
  • no
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Hands To Fall Into (manxboy) by ThatTransGayBoy
Hands To Fall Into (manxboy)by ♛ Lysander ♛
Edmund Quentin Lockwood, the child genius Europe has been following around ever since he was 5. Edmund had made his first discovery, he found the sequence of prime numbe...
  • maths
  • manxboy
  • genius
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When the time stopped by Seniora_Chara_Kas7
When the time stoppedby Chara
We grew up, and we change but our love is still the same. Violetta Castillo is 29-30 years old and she goes to teach in one new school,is the music and history te...
  • leon
  • leonetta
  • maths
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The adventures of EB and Meggie! by AdventuresofEBMeggie
The adventures of EB and Meggie!by AdventuresofEBMeggie
A series of short stories about the adventures of E.B and Meggie.
  • maths
  • babby
  • donaldtrump
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Maths GCSE 9-1 AQA by ExamPanic
Maths GCSE 9-1 AQAby ExamPanic
I used BBC bitesize to help me makes this.
  • maths
Nerd Glasses and Leather Jackets by Essy81
Nerd Glasses and Leather Jacketsby Shahi
Grayville High School's most popular bad boy is Aaron James. He is a typical bad boy with the black leather jacket, tattoos, motorbike, cigarettes and a couple of evenin...
  • quuenbee
  • motorbike
  • badboy
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