My life *DDLG story* by demonnoodles24
My life *DDLG story*by demonnoodles24
Jordie's my life and I'm willing to do anything for her to keep her safe. Daddy's my life and I'll do anything just to see him smile. "Kitten, get down here" D...
  • daddy
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  • love
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Merlyn - Arthur and Female Merlin Fanfiction [1] by lover_of_historias
Merlyn - Arthur and Female lover_of_historias
No young man or woman, no matter how great, can know their destiny. They cannot glimpse their part in the great story that is about to unfold. Like everyone, they must l...
  • arthur
  • tv
  • femalemerlin
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Forbidden Love - Merlyn [2] by lover_of_historias
Forbidden Love - Merlyn [2]by lover_of_historias
Merlyn and Arthur Pendragon are two sides of the same coin. They're destinies entwined. Merlyn had saved Arthur from vengeful mothers, cheating knights, watery plagues...
  • morgana
  • series2
  • bridgetregan
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Merlin: The Return Of The Once And Future King. by Stufts278
Merlin: The Return Of The Once Skye Tufts
This is a fanfiction that is still in the process of being written which is based on the continuation of the Merlin BBC TV Show. -------------------- The year is 2018...
  • arthur
  • merlin
  • colinmorgan
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A Camelot story - Till death do us part by RosieSparrow
A Camelot story - Till death do RosieSparrow
Have you ever imagined how the story would change with an already married Arthur? Born in a noble family, Marian finds herself orphan when a sorcerer murders her parent...
  • arthurpendragon
  • romance
  • lancelot
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Perfectly Messed Up ( An extraordinary encounter) by Tommoinmyheart
Perfectly Messed Up ( An s..jay
Sometimes wrong turns lead to the correct path....and then I saw HIM♡
  • teenromance
  • harrystyles
  • zayn
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Merlins Sister by Fandomaniac135
Merlins Sisterby Fandomaniac135
This is a story about Merlins sister (as you can tell by the uncreative title). I suck at descriptions so I am not even going to go there. Everything belongs to the BBC...
  • sister
  • emrys
  • dragons
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WARMTH . bradley james  by wintersfell
WARMTH . bradley james by flo
you're driving me crazy. bradley james social media
  • katiemcgrath
  • arthurpendragon
  • gameofthrones
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Magic by ColinsFace
Magicby ColinsFace
A Merlin fanfiction where Arthur learns of Merlin's little secret. Don't be surprised if there's some Merthur. I ship. First story on THIS site. I've written before so...
  • magic
  • brolin
  • arthurpendragon
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Strongest Bonds by Albion286
Strongest Bondsby AlbionIllistrator
A story from the point of view of Em. Merlin's twin. Like Merlin, she has magic but has to conceal it. The story follows em and Merlin on adventures of magic, love, pe...
  • love
  • merlin
  • bradleyjames
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The Boy and the Beast: A Merthur Beauty and the Beast AU by OncerofStorybrooke
The Boy and the Beast: A Merthur Marissa
This story combines Disney's Beauty and the Beast and the romantic relationship between Merlin and Arthur from the BBC series Merlin. What if Arthur was the prince who w...
  • beautyandthebeast
  • bradleyjames
  • bbcmerlin
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The Art of Power and Love ( A Medici Masters of Florence the Magnificent fanfic) by mirylostgirl26
The Art of Power and Love ( A mirylostgirl26
A rising family who became the most powerful and influent in Florence. An ancient and noble rival family who craved to replace it and gather all that power by killing th...
  • firenze
  • lilyjames
  • lorenzothemagnificent
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POWER . arthur pendragon  by wintersfell
POWER . arthur pendragon by flo
be the change you want to see. bbc merlin arthur pendragon
  • hate
  • spell
  • gwaine
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The Love That Binds Us ||Mordred Fanfic by danisnotinlondon
The Love That Binds Us ||Mordred Nicole
**WILL BE DIFFERENT THAN THE SHOW KIND OF.** **Also was posted on Quotev** Everyone has something that they're meant to do. Whether it's to be a servant, a noble knight...
  • bradleyjames
  • emrys
  • colinmorgan
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Beautiful - Arthur Pendragon by sofia-carson
Beautiful - Arthur Pendragonby sofia-carson
"Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Angel Love your imperfections, every angle Tomorrow comes and goes before you know So I just had to let you know"
  • kingarthur
  • morgana
  • sofiacarson
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Some Call it Destiny, I Call it Fate by Doctor_Merthur
Some Call it Destiny, I Call it Doctor_Merthur
Meeting Chris Evans has made Emily Stan's life so much harder since he left her when she started to have two bundles of joy, but the real reason he left will be the caus...
  • sebastianstan
  • jaredpadalecki
  • chrisevans
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All the Light I Cannot See by rubyjean_jacket
All the Light I Cannot Seeby rubyjean_jacket
In this AU, Merlin has stumbled through the centuries alone, clinging desperately to the hope that, one day, the Once and Future King will rise again, when Albion needs...
  • wattys2018
  • modern
  • blind
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Merlin rp (The tv show) by -Daughter_of_Hestia-
Merlin rp (The tv show)by Heather Joans
Its where you get to role play about the show and I have a couple of surprises for you. XD
  • princearthur
  • nimue
  • ladymorgana
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Arthur Pendragon x Reader One Shots by StarlightInHerEyes
Arthur Pendragon x Reader One Shotsby H
Arthur Pendragon - Prince, and King of Camelot - One Shots
  • princearthur
  • kingarthur
  • merlin
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The New Beginning (Based on BBC Merlin) by Sydney3027
The New Beginning (Based on BBC Sydney C
it's been nearly 30 years since King Arthur has been dead, when suddenly Merlin gets a vision that there will be a return of Arthur, by the help of a young sorceress.
  • medieval
  • bradleyjames
  • merlinbbc
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