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False God ➳ Merlin BBC by -trojanwar
False God ➳ Merlin BBCby aimée
the lady enide was a bastard; a child born to uther pendragon, king of camelot. a child that was unwanted, a burden, a besmirch to the great dynasty of the pendragon fam...
Forbidden Love - Merlyn [2] by NamelessWriter23
Forbidden Love - Merlyn [2]by NamelessWriter23
Merlyn and Arthur Pendragon are two sides of the same coin. They're destinies entwined. Merlyn had saved Arthur from vengeful mothers, cheating knights, watery plagues...
BoyxBoy #2 by endlessgoodbyes
BoyxBoy #2by Endlessgoodbyes
Partner writing with MerlinxArthurx
Magic by ColinsFace
Magicby ColinsFace
A Merlin fanfiction where Arthur learns of Merlin's little secret. Don't be surprised if there's some Merthur. I ship. First story on THIS site. I've written before so...
Merthur. Dreams coming true ✔ by TildeLvberg
Merthur. Dreams coming true ✔by Tilde Lövberg
Merlin's been Arthurs manservant for four months. How long will it be until they have the courage to tell each other how they feel? Are they going to ignore the people w...
The Destiny of Love by SophiaBailey767
The Destiny of Loveby Sophie Bailey
Book 2 of Destiny of two series. Based on the BBC Merlin series. A twist of the Merlin series. Merlin has a sister, and Arthur isn't with Guinevere. What will happen wi...
MERTHUR "Look at me." by kingandlionheart_
MERTHUR "Look at me."by kingandlionheart_
Merlin was about to leave Arthur's chambers but Arthur stopped him. <<It's too late. Sleep here. >> and so Merlin did. He sat on a chair and he fell asleep...
Magic is very helpfull sometimes ~ Merlin by kaatjedeee
Magic is very helpfull sometimes Monicaaaa OvO
On a day, a unknown woman asks for a audience with the king and queen. She claims to know a spell that will reveal every sorcerer in the kingdom, and if he has used his...
The Boy and the Beast: A Merthur Beauty and the Beast AU by OncerofStorybrooke
The Boy and the Beast: A Merthur OncerofStorybrooke
This story combines Disney's Beauty and the Beast and the romantic relationship between Merlin and Arthur from the BBC series Merlin. What if Arthur was the prince who w...
Long Live the Kings (a Merthur story) by merthurwhovian
Long Live the Kings (a Merthur merthurwhovian
The battle is over and Morgana is dead. But Gwen is too. Magic is now allowed in Camelot and it's time for Merlin and Arthur to start a new chapter in their life.
Young Warlock || Merlin Stuff by -_eden-_
Young Warlock || Merlin Stuffby eden
Just a few pictures hanging around on my mobile. Mostly Merthur, but also some others. Have fun #1 merthur (06.-12.06.)
Destiny Untold by Fandomaniac135
Destiny Untoldby Fandomaniac135
When Merlin left for Camelot, Alison didn't think that she would be joining him soon after. She was fully prepared to live out the rest of her life fairly quietly, but i...
Forbidden Love: Merging Worlds | Arthur Pendragon [2] by Ashleyy1005
Forbidden Love: Merging Worlds | Ashley
"This is who I am." ° ° ° [Arthur Pendragon x OC] [BBC Merlin season 3] ° ° ° Release date: unknown
The Safest Place to Hide by thegirlwhowrites11
The Safest Place to Hideby Selena
When she sees a vision of Merlin and the terrible things coming to Camelot, she knows she must help. Once she saves Merlin's life, she is thrown into his world and his...
The Once and Future King by MaddyLib_21
The Once and Future Kingby MaddyLib_21
Hello! This is my Merlin fanfiction. Since I know I will never get over how Merlin ended, I made this in modern times to describe how Arthur comes back. I do not own any...
Faceclaims for OCs by SherlockedNarnian
Faceclaims for OCsby 𝑵arniac 𝑴erlockian
A collection of possible face claims for your OCs. I made this to allow my readers to help me decide on a face claim for my OC and then expanded it. Currently Only femal...
Thank you - Merthur one shot(s) by emryslastbraincell
Thank you - Merthur one shot(s)by Calum Hood
Most of these one shots are based on songs, so if that sounds like it's up your alley, please read! DISCLAIMER: I don't own BBC Merlin nor the characters, I also do not...
WARMTH  ━  bradley james  by wintersfell
WARMTH ━ bradley james by flo
you're driving me crazy. bradley james social media
Famous? Just a little. by humaniska
Famous? Just a Niska
June and Amy are friends. Working in London. Fans of Merlin. Normal girls. Meeting Colin Morgan and Bradley James is probably the most exciting thing that ever happened...