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Wild (An Inheritance Fanfiction) by Pennator
Wild (An Inheritance Fanfiction)by Caleb McLean
(Disclaimer: I do not own any of the inheritance characters or story lines. All rights to Christopher Paolini for creating these amazing books) In the land of Alageasia...
Dragon riders love [Rewritting] by kayano246
Dragon riders love [Rewritting]by kayano246
What if Brom had a daughter? What if she was a dragon rider too? What if she fell in love with a certain son of Morzan? read to find out. i dont own Eragon or its charac...
A Monster Like Me ~ Legolas by jojojojomo
A Monster Like Me ~ Legolasby jojojojomo
Based loosely on the song "A Monster Like Me" (P.S. I am shamelessly combining two fandoms. Inheritance Cycle (Or Eragon) and Lord of the Rings.) Forn isn't a...
When Destiny Burns, Ep. 1: A Halo and Inheritance Cycle Crossover by 4maram
When Destiny Burns, Ep. 1: A Idhun's Durmgrist Feldûnost
After an UNSC fleet fell prey to an ancient Forerunner scheme, a lone Spartan is left stranded in a world that he doesn't understand. He gets himself inadvertently bonde...
Wings of a War by CatsWillFly551
Wings of a Warby CatsWillFly551
Percy Jackson has just finished his second war. He's happy, keeping the nightmares at bay with Annabeth. But you know the Fates. He can never get a break. And that's wh...
A Twist Of Fate A Percy Jackson and Eragon Crossover by KatieMossman
A Twist Of Fate A Percy Jackson Katie Mossman
Percy Jackson is shocked when everyone he had always considered his friends and family betrayed him. The gods have also turned on Percy and when they send him to an en...
The Truth About Lies (An Inheritance Cycle Fanfiction) by Kataclysm22
The Truth About Lies (An Kate
Tabatha isn't quite sure how to react when she discovers that her best friend since childhood is a Dragon Rider. All she knows is that she has to aid him on his journey...
Dragon of Another Kind by Myhorses_Mylife
Dragon of Another Kindby Charlotte
When Percy thinks it's over, he is hurled into a world full of dwarves, elf and dragons! To make things worse, his a dragon! ...
Nico Di Angelo Dragon Rider (Amongst other things) by dontfeedaguyasponge
Nico Di Angelo Dragon Rider ( dontfeedaguyasponge
Nico decided weeks ago to leave. He doesn't belong at either camp. Of course a certain son of Apollo who shall remain nameless has complicated the situation. But Nico ne...
A Crusader in Eragon by neetnooter
A Crusader in Eragonby neetnooter
you guys all know the crusader story by @emilemil865... if ya don't then go read it, but this here is my rendition!
The Savior and the Trainee(Eragon and PJO fanfiction) by RanaGirl
The Savior and the Trainee( RanaGirl
Eragon and Percy Jackson Crossover By the hand of Chaos Percy Jackson is enlisted against his will to join the fight against Galbatorix. After being thrust into a strang...
Japan in Alagaësia by zlfnx7jnVft5gmWq1tr
Japan in Alagaësiaby zlfnx7jnVft5gmWq1tr
Japan is transferred to the world of Alagaësia just before the start of Eragon. Inspired by Nihonkoku Shoukan.
The Primordial of the Hunt Meets Eragon by thornjinx23905
The Primordial of the Hunt Meets SparkleGirl
Percy and a few others have gotten bored. Zeus has stopped his bad habits that normally resulted in wars, Hera is on her best behavior and the wizarding world is at peac...
Unexpected Fate by solacryptid
Unexpected Fateby solacryptid
Vilansia and her dragon, Svellevarina, have spent many years training the young dragon riders alongside Eragon and Saphira. But their time of adventure has come. The peo...
Curse of the Phoenix by Alunarice
Curse of the Phoenixby Erela Redscales
{Iara's Lifetime Book 1} Siblings scattered across continents....things hidden in the world and in the mind, things better left that way. When the first rider in two dec...
A Second Rider? (Eragon X Reader) [Book 1] by Onion-san1
A Second Rider? (Eragon X Reader) Onion-san1
(Y/N) had always wanted to be a Dragonrider since she heard the stories about them when she was young. In the village Un'desi, (Y/N) was unliked by everyone, even her au...
Secret Nights by MidnightNix_
Secret Nightsby MidnightNix_
Eragon has sex with Arya while she's still under Durza's curse.
The Wolf and the Dragon  by Emoimerh
The Wolf and the Dragon by Amaj Ikman
Infrequent updates... Long ago, the world was submerged in an age of darkness. Cold, barren, and ruled by the everlasting dragons. Then came fire, heat, warmth, and fr...
Eragon ~*~ Youngest by Lucykins26
Eragon ~*~ Youngestby Emily
After Princess Lumina's return to power, a twenty five year gap of peace settled throughout Alagaesia. With the new age of peace, Eragon decided that it was time again h...
The Incoming Hero by Arcticwolf22
The Incoming Heroby Arcticwolf22
As the final battle was drawing to a close, Gaea would not go down without taking the one person who gave everyone hope down with her. Percy Jackson soon found himself i...