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❝CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW A FAMOUS BALLERINA IS FRIENDS WITH A FAMOUS FOOTBALLER❞ Lennox Rousseau's past catches up to her when her estranged friendship with multip...
  • football
  • rubenloftuscheek
  • jesselingard
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The Cheerleader And The Cage Fighter.... Are Dance Partners? by princess_rose
The Cheerleader And The Cage Gem
Kaydie Smithson is that girl that everybody thinks is perfect, she's the cheerleader captain and comes from a wealthy family. Liam is a cage fighter who is seen as a bad...
  • hate
  • drama
  • cagefighting
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I Am Royal: The Search for a Prince by PembrokeA
I Am Royal: The Search for a Princeby A.C. Leigh
Two years after finding out she is the daughter of a king, Willow is adjusting to her new life as an unexpected princess, in this sequel to "I Am Royal". While...
  • prince
  • royalfamily
  • romance
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unconditional (BOOK #2) [TO BE PUBLISHED] by roxann_season
unconditional (BOOK #2) [TO BE roxann
After moving to Southern California, Chelsea's life has never been better... or more complicated. She's settled with her pack. She's met her mate. And now every...
  • gabriel
  • teen
  • teenfiction
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Football Short Stories by Fleur-DeLys
Football Short Storiesby Leila
▸ Highest rankings: #4 in FOOTBALLER #5 in SHORT STORY COLLECTION #19 in STORIES Have you ever had that feeling during a football match? That tingling sensation when yo...
  • madrid
  • oneshots
  • shortstorycollection
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Akame Ga Kill: Akame x Futa Dragon Hybrid oc by Zillaworld
Akame Ga Kill: Akame x Futa ZillaWorld
The story of how Aki wants to get revenge on Esdeath for her killing her parents and later her younger sister. She joins Night Raid because she thinks they can help her...
  • najenda
  • kurome
  • futa
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Coincidence (boyxboy) by canyoucatchacloud
Coincidence (boyxboy)by Sam
Ryker, the new kid in school, meets Casper after he's been beaten up. Thanks to an art project they soon become close and both of them reveal secrets that no one else kn...
  • abuse
  • ryker
  • bxb
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Footballer Oneshots by JaedynJJ_0108
Footballer Oneshotsby Jaedyn
Boy x Boy or Girl x Boy just let me know and I will write a Oneshot about them!! Started: 24th November 2018
  • marcoasensio
  • manu
  • gabrieljesus
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『Three's A Charm』『OHSHC』*EDITING* by daebaksoo
『Three's A Charm』『OHSHC』*EDITING*by p)(g
『Ouran High School Host Club』 『Hitachiin Twins ✘ OC』 ❝For those who can't choose between the two mischievous twins...❞ A foreign girl who enrolls into Ouran Academy...
  • mori
  • outcast
  • haruhi
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The Master's Son by cheerleader1st
The Master's Sonby Laney
Chelsea Tucker is a 16 year old girl she was raised in a backward society. There was no form of government so there were really no rules. Chelsea has been kidnapped and...
  • tucker
  • son
  • coopers
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♥️Footballer imagines♥️ by aalwayssadd
♥️Footballer imagines♥️by Crybaby☔️💜
[REQUESTS OPEN NOW] Short stories on all your favourite footballers🥳❤️
  • atleticomadrid
  • england
  • manchesterunited
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Footballers by DaviesftGrealish
Footballersby Elle
Just a collection of footballers I love
  • chelsea
  • football
  • astonvilla
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Crossroads // Fabregas by Fleur-DeLys
Crossroads // Fabregasby Leila
Six years after parting ways, two former lovers found themselves at crossroads again. ▸ Cesc Fabregas poetry fanfiction ▸ Highest: #1 FABREGAS, #3 BARCA, #4 in CHELSEA ▸...
  • football
  • fabregas
  • cesc
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lovely | eden hazard by sablinova
lovely | eden hazardby probably sleeping
«Do you really think there is a chance?»
  • chelseafc
  • footballfanfiction
  • belgiumnt
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Say - Ruel  by roolisprekool
Say - Ruel by grazz
A girl who's in the dark and a guy who is a ray of sunshine. This is their story.
  • ruelvandijk
  • say
  • notthinkinboutyou
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The Mentor by xXMeXx627
The Mentorby xXMeXx627
DISCLAIMER: THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO THE TUTOR! Margret wasn't raised as your average teenage girl. She has been sheltered and kept in an all girls' school since she was...
  • humor
  • hemmingway
  • gracies
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spotlight // njr by potatomaliks
spotlight // njrby samantha
Well, being born as the half sister of a very famous footballers will make your life full of spotlight. How not? if your half brother is Gerard Piqué, a defender of a fa...
  • football
  • footballfanfiction
  • neymar
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He's a Senior and I'm the Freshman by writergurl95
He's a Senior and I'm the Freshmanby Taylor
  • detention
  • egging
  • break
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The Volturi General by AntonineStrike
The Volturi Generalby Diandra
Jasper and Demetri turned up one night outside Bella's house to let her join the Volturi. Edward left her, right? So what's the use of all the crying and sulking around...
  • garrett
  • marcus
  • married
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The Art of Courting by flying-person
The Art of Courtingby Anthie
Chelsea O'Hara has always prided herself at being practical and confident. But when you have a dad that still can't decide what he wants to do when he grows up, a drug-a...
  • dating
  • highschool
  • chelsea
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