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KWRBY: Right Back at Ya! (A Kirby and RWBY Crossover FanFiction) by crossoverking95
KWRBY: Right Back at Ya! (A Kirby...by crossoverking95
Kirby is the prodigy Star Warrior who protects Cappy Town and the rest of Dreamland from King Dedede and Nightmare Enterprises! But what happens when King Dedede sends K...
  • ruby
  • metaknight
  • yangxiaolong
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Jizzie ~ Spark by GloomyDusk
Jizzie ~ Sparkby GloomyDusk
Lizzie meets a new boy- Joel- who joins her school. He gets to know the better side of her, and they fall in love. Barriers get in their way that weaken the two. With ma...
  • jizzie
  • yammy
  • love
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HOPE - That binds us(OmRi) by NigarMusannif
HOPE - That binds us(OmRi)by Nigar Musannif
Gauri Sharma a true definition of a strong woman. She is not depended on anyone. She doesn't go finding happiness but creates happiness. Self belief is what she has gain...
  • hate
  • gauri
  • sacrifice
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Dedede X Escargon One-Shots by kirbymaster101
Dedede X Escargon One-Shotsby kirbymaster101
Some one-shots of one of my all time favorite OTP's, Dedede x Escargon/Escargoon, or Dedesuka! I love this ship so much!!! They are soo cute together, and are pretty mu...
  • tiff
  • kirby
  • dedede
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High School Life (anime love story) by Mikazuki_Daisuki
High School Life (anime love story)by Mikazuki_Daisuki
Hi I'm Mikazuki but you can call me Mika for short. if you wanna hear more about my high school life pls continue reading thank you
  • leon
  • hero
  • mark
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(Aarmau) Phoenix Drop High School (Completed)  by Tiffany_Wolf_Girl
(Aarmau) Phoenix Drop High School...by Tiffany_Wolf_Girl
Aphmau was a new kid. She lives alone and she is a nerd and popular. Aphmau meets new friends but she doesn't open up a lot. She meets Aaron and she thinks of him more t...
  • tiff
  • sarrphire
  • aphfans
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Truth of a warrior. by dreamingknight
Truth of a warrior.by TheDreamingKnight
A knights dark past, and his bright future is shown as he remembers the pain.
  • tiff
  • starwarrior
  • arthur
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Seed of Chucky my way (Chucky love story book 5 ) by 2019summerangel
Seed of Chucky my way (Chucky love...by Shootingstar28
Obviously 🙄 a remake
  • tiff
  • love
  • glenda
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Magolor's Guide to Dreamland by neomeo
Magolor's Guide to Dreamlandby Nemo P.
Are you new to Kirby or just looking for a friendly little ol' fandom to join? Tired of hearing Author Lady here drone on and on about the Kirby crew? Wanting some Kirby...
  • popstar
  • midori
  • tuff
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The Shadow -Oc insert- by OscarSpear28
The Shadow -Oc insert-by ...
Mah first kirby oc insert- Witch kirby thing: ALL OF EM BUT MOSTLY BASED OFF RIGHT BACK AT YA There is a story of a beast with a sword of pure steel with a handle of bla...
  • metaknight
  • kirby
  • tuff
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Bride of Chucky my way ( Chucky love story book 4 ) by 2019summerangel
Bride of Chucky my way ( Chucky lo...by Shootingstar28
Obviously 🙄 a remake of my bride of chucky my way
  • lee
  • baby
  • brook
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My Brothers Friend { A 5sos and One Direction Fanfic} by syddiej
My Brothers Friend { A 5sos and On...by syddie
Tiffany is Harry Styles sister, she went on tour with them and was introduced to the 5sos boys she has a crush on Luke Hemmings! Will she be able to become friends with...
  • hemmings
  • 5sos
  • harrys
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Our secret ~ Justin and Tiff by JiffannyShipper
Our secret ~ Justin and Tiffby kata
Waterloo road fanfiction.. Justin and Tiffany are step brother and step sister but both like each other. Plan they keep their relationship a secret or will they tell pe...
  • tiff
  • justin
  • jiffanny
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Kirby Right Back At Ya! Episodes by Lancastershipper
Kirby Right Back At Ya! Episodesby Aureialshipper
I do not own Nintendo or Hal! I do not own the show or Kirby!
  • kirby
  • kirbyrightbackatya
  • idonotownnintendo
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Wasted Days by ThinkingPeaches
Wasted Daysby K.T
He comes out of hiding just to see his love on stage.
  • tiff
  • fanfiction
  • armiehammer
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The Penguin And The Human by StoryWriterGal331
The Penguin And The Humanby Repent, For The Kingdom Of He...
One day, a twenty-five-year-old human arrived in Cappy Town. The Cappy Villagers were very happy and surprised to see a human for the first time, but then King Dedede co...
  • escargoon
  • kirbystory
  • kingdedede
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One Shot Stories (DededeXLaura) by StoryWriterGal331
One Shot Stories (DededeXLaura)by Repent, For The Kingdom Of He...
Here are cute, weird, romantic adventures of Laura and Dedede. Everyone and Everything like video games or whatever belongs to Nintendo Laura is me, so I belong to me
  • adventure
  • smashbros
  • tuff
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Kirby Fairytales by Janfanfic1232
Kirby Fairytalesby Your stalker
Cover art was inspiration, Title explains all. Cover art isnt mine. (Rip-off of Pinkie Tales on Youtube) Tiff reads Kirby a bedtime story.
  • hoshinokaabii
  • tiff
  • metaknight
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Apartment "Eh?": An American's Adventures In Canada by zoedinovi
Apartment "Eh?": An American's Adv...by Zoe Di Novi
Hi y'all. Last year I quit my job, married a Canadian, and uprooted my entire life - old typewriters, vintage costumes and all - to Toronto. We called it our Canadian...
  • canada
  • tiff
  • partner
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Wat we think about... by DiariesOfBritNTiff
Wat we think about...by Diaries of Brittahnehy and Ti...
ThiS Is britt and tiff's guide to all the shit we leik (Must read story in valley girl/white girl accent)
  • iphones
  • tiff
  • whitegirl
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