Tick Tock (2)

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Chapter Two


Robbie had always been my best bud.  He was great, and He was aproper laugh, too.  I remembered how we were inseparable as youths.  We had never wanted to leave each other, and apparently it was very ‘cute’.

I looked to the girl to my left and saw all the qualities I admired in Robbie, as well as added bonuses.  Jamie was kind, clever, and mature, but at the same time she knew how to be a teenager.  She was pretty, definitely pretty, and she watched her weight without even trying.  She didn’t get obsessive about things, for example; her weight, but she always worked hard to get what she wanted.  She was… determined.

I’d always thought that I would fall in love with my best friend.  Robbie was my best friend, but I would refuse to love him in any other capacity than a friend.  Jamie was the girl version of Robbie and I loved her.  However, it was just sisterly love.  And I was always so annoyed with myself because of it!  I was furious with my heart for making me feel nothing but brotherly affection towards Jamie.  I couldn’t even put my finger on why I couldn’t lust her, too!

I smiled as I pulled up outside the familiar house.  I had experienced everything here, from my first steps to my first time.  That was a funny story!

Robbie had decided to host a party while his parents had been out of town.  Jamie had bartered.  She would keep her mouth shut if she were allowed to come along and invite some of the folk from her year to this party of the month.  I laughed quietly as I remembered how Robbie had grudgingly agreed, and then spent the lead up to the party complaining how it would suck having third years at a fifth year party.  However, it didn’t suck at all – the party was great, and I got together with Olivia.

Olivia was in the year below me, and we hit it off straight away (with the confidence boost that you only get once downing a crate of Bulmers as fast as humanly possible).  She was gorgeous, truly a stunning specimen, and was really confident, which was strangely attractive.  And the confidence wasn’t totally fabricated by alcohol.  She walked into the house shaking the snow from her hair casually, removing her leather jacket and hanging it up on a coat peg with her friends flocking around her.  She took in her surroundings and smiled the most amazing smile you will ever see as she noticed all the lads that had noticed her enter gawking at her.

She had super long tanned legs that were bare.  She wore a skimpy yellow silk dress that barely covered her arse.  However, there was no possibility of it flying up as she danced, because it was elasticised at the bottom.  Her bust protruded over the top of her dress, making her boobs look amazing.  Her one -inch heels were black with a yellow sole that made her stand out.  She took her phone out of a pocket hidden in the folds of her dress and checked the time.  She smiled and put her phone back in her pocket and turned to her friends.  By this stage most of the boys had managed to put their eyeballs back in their sockets and dragged their lolling tongues away from this new arrival, and Robbie snapped me out of it.

“Oh Lord.  Olivia is here?  I never knew she was coming!”  He had shout/whispered.  Olivia was like royalty at Balerno High, and it was amazing for her to be at Robbie’s party.  She had made her way through the crowd and straight for us.  She congratulated Robbie on the party then asked me for a dance, pulling at my shirt and leading me to the garden where the music was being played.

We danced all night long, until Olivia brushed her lips against mine and then started pulling me back into the house where we… well, we got pretty busy.

Olivia and I never got together, to her apparent disappointment, but what was I going to do about it?  I couldn’t trust that she’d get drunk and go to a random party and have a random shag with a random bloke.  And I didn’t want to sleep with her, because I didn’t want a STD, to be perfectly honest with you.

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