Tick Tock (18)

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Chapter Eighteen


I was growing tired of this. It seemed like too much effort, just so Jamie could start dating ‘Sexy Simon’. It was obvious that’s who she had a crush on. She started blushing when we were discussing her ‘conquest’ as she couldn’t help but remember the fact that they pulled in front of both Chelsea and I at that drama club thing.

I don’t know why, but I wasn’t really happy about the fact that I was helping Jamie to date Simon. In fact, I wasn’t really happy about the fact that the actions I was taking today would ultimately lead to Jamie dating, full stop.

For some reason, the brotherly instincts were getting more and more exaggerated. With each passing day, as more and more lads saw the true beautiful creature that Jamie was, I wanted to rip their arms off, because I knew what they were thinking in their disgusting heads, and I knew what they did in their private time which involved their arms and, more importantly, their hands.

But, primarily, I didn’t understand why Jamie had this sudden urge to transform herself. I mean, if Simon was really worth it – which I doubted he was – why should Jamie have to change who she was for him? It didn’t make much sense to me.

But, if the girl wanted to do it, I wanted to make sure she did it perfectly. She would need the right balance of slutiness and innocence.

I watched as she marched away from me again, ready to go over this scenario yet again – I swear we had done this about eight times already, when was it time to eat?!

“Ready,” came the call from the door. I rolled my eyes and leaned back against the kitchen counter, not expecting much. However, I was shocked when this girl – no – this woman walked into the room. Her hands in her back pockets, her shoulders held back, with a straight back. She shook her perfectly curly hair out a little and ran her right hand through it, getting rid of her side parting. She had a slight pout on her face, and her eyes burned with a powerful emotion that I had never seen before. She captivated me as she looked from her left to her right, analysing the empty room. Her lips parted slightly as I stared, gobsmacked.

I watched as she eyed me up and down before looking directly at me. She carefully ran the tip of her tongue across her top lip, and then her bottom lip before letting them return to that subtle pout.

I found that I couldn’t look away from her eyes – they were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. She seemed to have applied eyeliner to them before entering the room – or maybe there had always been eyeliner there, but I just hadn’t noticed it – which made her eyes brighter and more gold than brown.

Eventually, I couldn’t help it, and I had to break her gaze, instead examining her body. She was truly a work of art. She wore a pair of black skinny jeans with a bright pink belt. On her feet were a pair of Dr Martens that went up to her mid-calf with satin laces and a tartan interior. She wore a simple grey design T-shirt which emphasised her perfect hourglass figure. Her hair was in its natural curls, but it was almost perfect ringlets. She had straightened her side fringe, which swept across her face, as well as a few strands of hair which framed her face.

My gaze returned to her overall appearance as I watched her strut confidently into the kitchen, leaving Tiff alone in the living room with a smug smile on her face.

Somehow – I don’t even know how she did it – she brushed past me on her way to pour herself a drink. She turned around and walked backwards as she winked at me, before turning back around to face where she was going and continuing in her mission to get a drink.

When it came to the point where she had to sit herself on top of the kitchen counter, she managed to gracefully and seductively slide her body on the work top, where she began a conversation with Chelsea. I tried to look away from her, but I just couldn’t do it.

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