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Supernatural Imagines by NifflerNovak
Supernatural Imaginesby * ✷a m o r e * ✵
A few one shots of Supernatural because I'm obsessed, I watched seasons 1-7 in like a month it was crazy. •Requests Open•
  • jensenackles
  • demon
  • dean
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Because Of You (Bwwm) ✔️ by BWWMBookWriter
Because Of You (Bwwm) ✔️by BWWMBookWriter
Queen moved out right after high school and went to Miami. Now looking for a job she end up meeting Kevin manager of his uncle grocery store. Kevin wasn't hiring but he...
  • bwwm
  • wmbw
  • grocerystore
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B A N G // Riverdale by Cece20102
B A N G // Riverdaleby Sierra Laucella
Melanie James Cooper. A bright eyed girl who never doubted the kindness in someone's heart. That's why everyone who knew her assumed Riverdale to be the best place for h...
  • lodge
  • melanie
  • cooper
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Cigarette Daydreams // Archie Andrews (1) by QueenieLale
Cigarette Daydreams // Archie QUEENIE 🌟
"Cigarette daydream You were only seventeen So sweet with a mean streak Nearly brought me to my knees" The Blossom Triplets were a strange trio indeed. Athena...
  • keller
  • archieandrews
  • blossom
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We Are Bulletproof [BTS Fan-fiction] by kiseopxkevin
We Are Bulletproof [BTS Lanta💚
Being the little sisters of a famous Korean rapper can't be easy, right? Well, wrong. For 15 years they had been hidden from the media, and nobody knew that Rapmonster h...
  • bts
  • jin
  • cute
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Fortsetzung von Das Herz schlägt für Fußball by melanieflorian27
Fortsetzung von Das Herz schlägt Die WIlden Kerle 3 ever
Es geht um Mira als sie erfahren hat das Markus sie mit der Bruder Sache Belogen hat und zu allem Überfluss Erpresst wird ist sie Verzweifelt und verlässt die Wilden Ker...
  • juli
  • gries
  • maxi
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Bughead Oneshots by Jaffacakes013
Bughead Oneshotsby Jaffacakes013
Bughead smuts Bughead oneshots Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper, deeply in love. They didn't need and never will need anyone else's opinion except their own and their soul...
  • blossom
  • cheryl
  • veronica
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Riverdale Group Chat! by Lizzierivers13
Riverdale Group Chat!by Lizzierivers13
Just a girl bored and loved bughead and riverdale to much and can't make a good cover
  • riverdalegroupchat
  • riverdale
  • reggie
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reject ● sunwoo by hynjnhwng
reject ● sunwooby ♡ han ♡
"hey umm.. i like you. you might not know me but guess what? i like you" "now that i've already confessed to you. can you reject me?" started: 15th D...
  • jacob
  • ericsohn
  • sunwoo
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Warrior in disguise~Sweet Pea by Hermohermoine
Warrior in disguise~Sweet Peaby Hermohermoine
A story in which a quiet town is home to the quiet girl, A.J. Jones who would do anything for her twin brother. What happens when she meets someone who thinks he would d...
  • pops
  • kevin
  • betty
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little mouse ▪sweet pea by coralgallagher
little mouse ▪sweet peaby ♡
"You're just northsider, nothing more, nothing less."
  • kevin
  • sweetpea
  • cheryl
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❝Twelve boys wind up with a need for punishment, some have crossed paths before, some haven't. This sure is going to be a long journey of bullying, love, friendship and...
  • hwall
  • kpop
  • kevin
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✲Restless in Riverdale✲ »Jughead Jones« by BipolarHypocrite
✲Restless in Riverdale✲ »Jughead BipolarHypocrite
"I was definitely dragged into this Jason Blossom mess by one Jughead Jones. I'm too lazy to investigate willingly." [RIVERDALE] ...
  • kevinkeller
  • archieandrews
  • jugheadjones
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I Don't Want to be Right by angela_wharton
I Don't Want to be Rightby angela_wharton
A collection of Wincest short stories. Warning: contains incest and boy x boy.
  • bennyxdean
  • slash
  • wincest
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THE BOYZ MEMES by 17shuaesthetic
THE BOYZ MEMESby egeutarateu
  • new
  • hyunjae
  • sunwoo
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Scott Hoying, Avi Kaplan, Mitch Grassi, Kevin Olusola, and Kirstie Maldonado all were involved in different kinds of criminal offence, and land in prison. All four year...
  • ptx
  • wattys2015
  • kevin
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Riverdale groupchat ❤️ by asia_telfer
Riverdale groupchat ❤️by Riverxvixen
Hey guys this is a riverdale group chat fanfic . Hope you like it ????????
  • josie
  • fangs
  • moose
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Bughead Oneshots<33 by riverdalea28
Bughead Oneshots<33by riverdale✌️✌️
just some random bughead oneshots🍔 feel free to send requests :)
  • fangs
  • choni
  • archiecomics
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Too Much - John Stones by laurajames_xo
Too Much - John Stonesby laurajames_xo
A lot has happened in the past 2 years in Manchester City football club. Pep now has a new idea to bring in YouTube star Bradleigh Reynolds to help connect the players t...
  • manchestercity
  • kyle
  • premierleague
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The Diner//J.J.||Riverdale by pakemn
The Diner//J.J.||Riverdaleby ⚫️💙⚫️
JugxReader cause why not🤷🏻‍♀️First real fan fiction on Wattpad😹 Don't get mad at me because I basically copied season 1 okay? OKAY😂❤️
  • cherylblossom
  • kevin
  • betty
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