Tick Tock (8)

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Chapter Eight


What had I said now?  All I had meant by the dress comment wasthat I didn’t want my little sister being all attractive looking!  So why was I suddenly being screamed at!  I seriously didn’t understand girls!  What did she wan me to say?  What was the right answer?  Why did I always mess things up when I was around Tiffany?

She would look stunning in that dress, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.  I loved it when she looked amazing, but other blokes also noticed her looks – correction, they noticed the length of her dress and the size of her boobs.  They wouldn’t notice the way her hair flew around her face, or the little squint her teeth had when she smiled.  They wouldn’t notice her beautifully brown arms or her perfectly slim feet.

I, however, noticed her beauty.  She could look beautiful in just sweats and a vest top, and to be honest, I’d prefer if she went out in sweats and a hoodie all the time, just so she was covered up and no one would look twice at her.  Think about that for a minute before you judge: it’s sweet in a nasty way.

I turned my head back towards the TV, looking but not seeing.  All I could think about was what I had said.  How had I insulted Tiff?  Why would I insult Tiff?

“Sorry? What?” I asked, utterly perplexed.

“What do you mean, ‘what’?” she burst, jumping off the sofa.  “If you don’t know how you’ve managed to insult me, I’m not going to tell you!  For God’s sake!”  Then she stormed out the room, leaving me open-mouthed with shock and confusion.

“Sorry? What?” I repeated weakly.

I sat there for another half-hour, staring blankly at whatever was on the TV.  I didn’t see anything before me – I only saw Tiff.

“Mum!  Dad!  I’m home!” I hollered as I walked through the door after a particularly tiring day at school.  Sometimes, P6 could be really hard work!  But, to be honest, it was a good day.  I had just managed to convince Darren that Pokémon was still pretty cool and we should gather as many cards as we could now, so that when they hit the streets again, we’d be the coolest.  To be honest, Darren was pretty wary about this rash prediction, and I could see why.  Pokémon?  Really?  Pokémon hadn’t been very cool for the past couple of years, and so it was a bit risqué to suggest something like that coming back into fashion.

Also, we were studying the Egyptians, and so my mind was stuck on pyramids and Pharaohs and other shit like that.

However, I managed to notice something was different as soon as I walked in.  I saw the extra pair of shoes sitting on the bottom step, beside Jamie’s – where my shoes lived.  I saw the extra coat hanging upon my coat peg.  I noticed the school bag placed beside Jamie’s – in my spot.  The school bag was large and pink with a distorted design on it – a typical school bag for a typical 10 year old girl.  Jamie clearly had a friend over for dinner.

I walked into the living room to find Jamie sitting on the sofa, watching TV with – a Godess.  Her blonde hair dazzled me, as did her radiant smile.  Her laughter filled the room like a thousand laughing cherubs and I grinned without the consent of my body.  I was loosing control of my muscles in my face, all because of this stranger who was laughing hysterically at my little sister.

“Robbie!” Jamie said, turning to face me.  I couldn’t help it: I laughed too.  Jamie had a couple of peanuts shoved up her nose, and she looked bloody ridiculous.  What normal 10-year old girl shoves peanuts up her nose?  “Robbie, this is Tiffany Gold.”

“Hey,” I said, acting cool in front of Tiffany.  That was how I rolled.  I played hard to get.

“Hiya,” Tiffany replied brightly.  I nearly melted on the spot.  Her voice shone like beam of light reflecting off the sea.  Her eyes sparkled like fresh dew on the grass.  “Today I learned my best friend is mental!”  She paused, then burst: “I want a go!”

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