Tick Tock (7)

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Chapter Seven


The day of our not-a-date date had arrived, and I couldn’t havebeen any happier!  I was wearing my best denim skinny jeans coupled with these amazing black boots with a little heel and a short sleeved blue top, with a white zip-up hoodie over it, just to keep me warm.

I couldn’t believe Robbie had agreed to see Peter Pan with me.  It made my heart sing with delight.  The idea of him and I, at the Playhouse made me smile every time I thought about it.  It was like a couple being in the back of the cinema.  And now the day was here!

We had agreed to get the bus into town because I didn’t want to take my car, and Robbie couldn’t afford the prices for the parking area nearby.  Robbie was awful annoying like that: he refused to let me pay for him, for anything.  I wanted to show how much I cared for him by subbing for him, buying things for him, but the stubborn jerk wouldn’t let me!

I wasn’t even allowed to get him a decent Christmas or Birthday present!  He was so mean to me!  If I had money, why couldn’t I spend it on the people I cared about?  It made no sense having money and not being able to spend it on the people you wanted to!  Maybe I’d give Jamie a pair of rugby tickets and say we all put money towards it.  Jamie could give a penny!

I sat on the bus, taking up two seats.  Robbie sat behind me, his arms resting on the back of one of my chairs as we talked.  It was so natural and relaxed.  It wasn’t a stomach churning, practising-my-signature-when-I-married-him kind of thing we had.  Well, to be honest, it wasn’t anything we had right now.  But I swore I would change that.

“So what did you do last night?”  I asked Robbie.

“Nothing much, watched Big Brother!”

“So that’s how bored you were?  Big Brother isn’t even on, I thought they cancelled it!”

“They did,” he said laughing, “I’m effectively demonstrating how bored I was last night.”

We laughed for a while.  Before I said: “you should have come round to Kevin’s with me.  We watched Eragon!”

“You’re favourite movie ever?”

“How do you know?”  I asked, generally curious.  I wanted to know how he knew my favourite movie!  I had seen Eragon with Darren and Jamie and Robbie, so I knew he had seen it before but I didn’t understand how he knew that it was my favourite.

“You told me,” he laughed.  “After the movie?”

Oh yeah, so I had.

“Whoops,” I said, laughing.  Looking at Robbie’s crestfallen face, I understood the stupidity of my words.  Now he thought I didn’t remember anything we did together!  “I remember going to see it with you and Jamie and Darren, but I don’t remember saying it was my favourite!  You’re right though, it is.  I don’t remember half the crap that comes out of my mouth!”

I bit down on my lip slightly, looking down at my jeans, wiping away an invisible crumb and then looking at Robbie through my lashes in a semi-seductive manner.  I couldn’t over do the flirting though, otherwise I might scare him off and then I’d be in a little predicament.

I thought back to when I told Jamie I was going to ask Robbie to see Peter Pan with me.  She looked at me with a knowing smile that scared me.  Did she know about my feelings for her brother?  Did she approve?  I didn’t know what to make of it, the way she looked at me with those weird, unique, beautiful eyes.

Another thing confused me about my best friend.  Jamie was under the impression she wasn’t beautiful.  I mean, most girls will say, ‘oh, no, I’m not beautiful’ but in their hearts they know they’re pretty and possess some attractiveness.  However, Jamie.  She confused me.  She was truly beautiful with her amazing hair that many would kill for, and her perfect physique, and then her eyes that made her so special.  She had amazing chebs that a lot of girls wanted compared to her height and weight.  Then she had this graceful air to her, making her seem elegant without even trying.  She had this indescribable beauty that radiated from her like a perfume too sweet to describe.  It bamboozled me and delighted me, knowing that my best friend was modest and blind enough not to notice the beauty that she possessed.  It also made me proud to be so close to this beautiful creature.

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