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Liked by Zaynbae, LoserLouis and 42,526 others

Celebnews: famous Instagram model, and celebrity ZAYN MALIK was spotted crying while walking down the street today. What could have happened? Could it be because of his recent split with now ex-boyfriend Louis Tomlinson?

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Lucycorn: i hope he's not crying over that piece of trash, ITS NOT WORTH IT ZAYN!

Gregory74020: I can't believe my sister looks up to a cry baby xDD LMAO 😂😂
Babyzayn: it's human to cry, did you know that?

Zouisforever: awh babe, it'll be okay :)

Lydiaomg23: Zayn did the right thing dumping that piece of shit 😂

Harrystan2174: @LiamPayne, this guy looks hot 🙄

Don't judge lol
Idk what I should've written bc I'm bad at the news feeds n stuff.
I dislike them greatly so I don't really know what kind of comments they get...
Oops 😅


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