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vowed ➼ ziam mayne by niallssogolden
vowed ➼ ziam mayneby jj
𝐯𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐝┊❝you're the love that came without warning; you had my heart before i could say no❞ ↳ in which liam is scared to fall in love again and zayn just wants to fi...
тнє ιяση-ѕρι∂єя ℓσνє ➳ zιαм ανєηgєяѕ αυ by Ziams_Roses
тнє ιяση-ѕρι∂єя ℓσνє ➳ zιαм ανєηgє...by 𝙕𝙞𝙖𝙢𝙨 𝙍𝙤𝙨𝙚𝙨
soulmate/ˈsəʊlmeɪt/noun : a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner. ❝When you get lost in love, you become oblivious to oblivion.❞ 𝘞𝘩𝘦...
Me, Him and the Moon  by mischief-sun
Me, Him and the Moon by K.
An AU where Liam is a celebrity chef and owns a chain of restaurants and zayn is a model who loves south asian food. How will they meet? Through friends, work? ~Finished...
The Kitten and the Wolf - L.S. by _Just_Elli_
The Kitten and the Wolf - L.S.by _Just_Elli_
Louis is a cat-hybrid living in a world full of werewolves. Now, hybrids aren't rare, there are a lot and they live mostly peacefully amongs werewolves, but there are st...
Smokescreen (mpreg) by Arvernii
Smokescreen (mpreg)by Dominic
Louis rules the school; guys want to be him, girls want to do him. He's the coolest guy in school and if you don't agree with him, his crew will make you change your mi...
Let's Go Home (One Direction) {on Hold}  by _swiftstyles_
Let's Go Home (One Direction) {on...by Veronika
It has been 5 years since Zayn left One Direction and pursued his solo career. And then the band split and the other members too went in different directions. But what h...
Golden by Directionerlive1305
Goldenby 💙💚Larry 💚💙
Harry a fan of the biggest band of the world aka One direction... See how his life will change after finding out about some really strange things.... Btw its ALWAYS harr...
Enna Sona [Ziam] by AJlovesZiam
Enna Sona [Ziam]by AJ
When the Maliks and Paynes decided for their Son and Daughter to join their families through marriage, Zayn and Liam did not see this coming... Just another Ziam marriag...
Niall Centric One Shots by PRAYFORMYWRITING
Niall Centric One Shotsby PRAYFORMYWRITING
Short stories about your favorite boys :) I only write boyxboy. Generally long updates. Niall Centrics. Zayn is included. Feel free to request, my inbox is always open o...
We Need A Reunion by Persassyisbae112
We Need A Reunionby Persassyisbae112
What happens when the biggest boy band in the world get back together? Will old rumours resurface and old flames relight? Or will everything damage what little relations...
Unfelling |ziam| by paypano
Unfelling |ziam|by Sara
_زین به نفعته تسلیم شی وگرنه شلیک میکنم ... +تو این کارو نمیکنی لیام.... ما تفنگارو به سمت هم نشونه گرفتيم اره ما قلبامون براي هم ميتپيد ولي تفنگارو به سمت هم نشونه گرف...
sweater swap ➳ ziam au by spidermalik
sweater swap ➳ ziam auby aisha
❝Daddy, your sweater's too small now!❞ ❝My sweater grew two sizes too big!❞ WARNING: contains m-preg - [short story] © A.
Social Media (Larry Stylinson) by Heyidkyay
Social Media (Larry Stylinson)by L:)
Book one. Harry's a uni student and a part time model, he's also a big fan of Louis Tomlinson💚 Louis' a famous singer who just happened to stumble across Harry's twitte...
pretty boy (Persian Translation) by StylinMayne
pretty boy (Persian Translation)by Bahar =)
[COMPLETED] niazkilam: من لیاقت تورو ندارم fakeliampayne: تو لیاقت بیشتر از من رو داری fakeliampayne: لیاقت تموم ستاره های آسمون رو داری Ziam Mayne Fan-Fiction #1
Defenceless | | larry  by lovvinlou
Defenceless | | larry by sunflower
World famous singer Louis Tomlinson goes back to his home town after finishing his world tour but how will he react to finding his previous love with twins? And that the...
Ziam mpreg one-shots by Stypaytomhoranlik
Ziam mpreg one-shotsby Stypaytomhoranlik
Ziam mpreg one shots. I take requests;)
The submissive syndrome by SlutForZiamMayne
The submissive syndromeby SlutForZiamMayne
In a world where everyone presents as Dominant, Submissive, or Neutral at puberty, that distinction is not always physically obvious. Liam, a submissive, has always felt...
The Reunion by Nllzhbetterthanwords
The Reunionby Nllzhbetterthanwords
It's a sunny day in LA, as per usual and Louis Tomlinson has just arrived to the hotel he was requested to stay at. Requested by whom? Simon Cowell of course. Why? For t...
Those paint splattered stars by SavWriter2003
Those paint splattered starsby Ziams daughter
"I'll hold you tonight, tomorrow and every day and night that follow" "That rhymes"
Black Robe (Ziam AU)  *bxb*smut*mpreg by Ameliaindh
Black Robe (Ziam AU) *bxb*smut*mp...by Ameliaindh
"What do you want?" "You!" "But, why me? There are many other man in this world and why did you choose me?" "Because you're the only m...