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Liked by Louist91, Shawnmendes, Hazzastyles and 23,456 othersBbcRadio1: today we had @louist91 in for an interview

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Liked by Louist91, Shawnmendes, Hazzastyles and 23,456 others
BbcRadio1: today we had @louist91 in for an interview. We talked about some fun things like how it's like living with his boyfriend Harry. But we also talked about some more serious things regarding his mental health. Check it out on our website now, and tune in for the next time we do something like this 😉.
It was great having you!
👤: @Louist91

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Louist91: it was nice talking about my experience so far, and raising awareness for mental health. Thanks for having me!
Bbcradio1: any time! 🙌

Harrystyles: so proud ❤

Ourbritishboys: I'll check it out later!!

Shawnmendes: glad that you can talk about this now :) @louist91
Louist91: yeah, it was hard but I've come to terms with it a bit now.
Niallhoran: Bitch back off my boyfriend
Shawnmendes: Ni stop, it's fine
Niallhoran: oh Oki, Srry bb
Selenagomez: wait what

Hazzababy: I'm so proud of Louis for getting so far ❤

Bitch: he's just a little depressed boy that's dating a famous singer. He's not really special in any way.

Kyslouis: still can't understand what you see in him...



It's hard to be alive right now, I just want to be dead. But hey I might see my friend again... that's how it works, right?

It's even getting hard to write happy, usually that's easy for me because I just write what I want to feel like but it's so fucking hard to actually be that and I want it all to end.

I w a n t t o d i e s o b a d l y

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