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Left- Harry   right- Louis

Harry we need to talk

About what? :)

About some fucking grass
What the fuck do you think.

Jeez Lou, no need to get pissed

You know I've felt shit and you keep ignoring me.
I thought you said you would be here for me.
Apparently  you're not.

You don't know I don't care.
In fact I care a lot about you

Doesn't look like it since you're not even answering my texts.

You have no proof

If proof you want
Proof I will give you Harry.

I'm waiting.

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Louis has sent an image:

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No harry.
Fuck off with your bullshit.
I fucking love you
And you dont love me.
I fucking love you so much.
You keep me together.
But you break me too
I love you
But i fucking hate you Styles.


Dont fucking call me that


Im falling apart because of what people say to me.
And you're. not. Helping

Let's talk about this for a sec.

There's nothing to talk about.
I'm giving you one more chance.
Don't fucking blow it.

I won't.



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