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Louist91: it was fun hanging out today, didn't think you were that funny tbh :')
👤: @selenagomez

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L.tml: awwh, you two look like the dream team!
Louist91: haha, no we're not,  just friends.

Selenagomez: Yess, we should totally do it again sometime

Harrystyles: ... and you were mad at me?
Louist91: ?
Harrystyles: we'll talk about it at dinner.
Louist91: oh no ;-;

Soften: heyy, glad you two are pals!
Louist91: phaha, please never say the word 'pals' again!


The next chapter is going to be an 'irl' chapter thing again, since there's gonna be drAmA uH oH

Yeah in case anyone was wondering, I still feel pretty fucking shitty, but seeing people comment on my stories and vote and just read em makes my day even just the teeniest bit better so thank you :)

And remember that if you ever need to talk about something, I'm always available, and I'll try to answer as quickly as possible ❤

Stay safe guys x

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