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Liked by soften, niallhoran, Zayn and 35 othersLouist91: Halloween with my baby :)👤- @Zayn

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Liked by soften, niallhoran, Zayn and 35 others
Louist91: Halloween with my baby :)
👤- @Zayn

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Zayn: ily boo xx 💕
Louist91: xx

Niallhoran: spooky 👻👻👻👻
Louist91: shut up Neil.
Niallhoran: niall* 😔
Louist91: haha sorry just joking x
Niallhoran: hmf, okay you're forgiven. But only because I'm just that nice 😌
Louist91: whatever floats your 🛶 nialler.

Soften: awhhh #zouis
Louist91: haha that's right Sof!
Zayn: 😚

Lilacpurple_: ew you fags, go burn in hell 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻



Lol I'm sorry idk how to start this story xD

Sorry of its shitty, I promise I'll attempt to make it good x)

Yeah so Louis is dating Zayn, Niall is his best friend and 'Soften' or Sofia is Louis' internet best friend :)

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