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Left: Harry, right: Louis

Its been two days I'm so worried
Ffs please answer.
Please even just a hi.

What do you want Harry
Haven't you already done enough damage?
Just go off with your girlfriend or something.

She's not my girlfriend.
She's just a good friend.

Phaha as if you believe that.
Please just go away.
Let me fucking die.

What else happened?
I know some thing's happened.
Other than what I did I mean.

Oh and now you want to invade my
Well if you want to know so fucking badly.
My mum died
You happy now.

Why would I be happy.
If you need to talk I'm here.

No you're fucking not.

Lou please.

Go the fuck away Harry.
You don't care.

Go talk to your therapist.
Just talk to someone.

Don't you fucking bring my mental health into this.

But it's causing you too much trouble.
Please I want you to be okay.

I wasn't okay when we were together.
Do you expect me to be okay now?
Well you're wrong.

Please Lou.
I care.
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I'm making myself sad while reading this whaT aM I dOiNg

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