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L.tml: I'm very confused at what the emojis mean, but I'm not assuming the best...

Harrystyles: we've been over this. Please.
Louist91: can't.

Liampayne: Lou
Louist91: yuh-huh?
Liampayne: you know what I'm talking about, stop acting dumb. Because we all know you aren't.

Kyslouis: I've been around for so long, and you still haven't listen to me completely. How many months has it been? 5? How many months will it take you to finally listen to your superiors?
Hazzababy: the fact that he still hasn't listened to you after all this time is amazing. It shows how strong he really is. How strong everyone thinks him to be except Louis himself. So if you could stop sending these pointless threats, it would most likely help in saving even just one more precious life. Every life matters, and you putting someone down because they're famous is absolutely disgusting. You would feel the same if someone was constantly degrading you, constantly on your back saying 'oh you should do this', 'nobody actually cares.', 'you're such a loser, go kill yourself.' It's not right, and I don't understand how people can have such a mindset of 'they're famous, and they're slightly worse than everyone else. Maybe I should hate on them till they fucking ATTEMPT SUICIDE.'
I am SO done with these people doing stuff with serious consequences for no fuCking reason!
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God I am so so sorry. I'm so sorry I didn't help you enough. I'm so sorry you thought everyone hated you.
You're most likely gone now, but if you're somehow reading this, I'll miss you so much.
It all started when I felt shit, you messaged me and made me feel better. I was in a really bad state of mind, and you kinda helped with that.
Next thing I knew, you wanted to die.
I never knew you had issues that big, and I'm glad you trusted me enough, to tell me (basically a total stranger) about how you felt.
You're such an amazing person, and I don't even want to think that you're dead right now.
There's a small bit of hope in me that says 'oh she'll be okay, it'll take some time.' But the chance is huge that that  is not the case, and you're dead right now.
I'm so thankful for everything you did for me, even if it wasn't much.
Thank you for trusting me.
I'll miss you Mel ❤.
- Max


(For anyone reading that ^, I'm really sorry. But there's a teeny small chance that she might read it if she's okay. And i have to take it.)

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