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Liked by Bitch, kyslouis, kendalljenner and 852,461 othersLouist91: 'why does Louis always wear long sleeves?'Well here's your fucking answer

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Liked by Bitch, kyslouis, kendalljenner and 852,461 others
Louist91: 'why does Louis always wear long sleeves?'
Well here's your fucking answer.
Thanks for nothing Harry.

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Bitch: fucking deserve it you prick.

Kyslouis: stop looking for pity, obviously Harry realised he was too good for you so he dumped you, no big deal.

L.tml: Louis... 😕

Soften: Louis why didn't you tell me this :(

Harrystyles: Louis please fucking respond I'm worried.

Liampayne: ... I have no words tbh

Niallhoran: Lou :/

ZAYN: Louis please text me I'm worried :/


OKAY so I have to explain this chapter for you. I don't hate Louis, and of course I don't condone selfharm. It's part of the story and I'm sorry it's so depressing but yeah :/
Hopefully you don't mind this kind of stuff, otherwise I'd stop reading now.

Please stay safe x

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