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Dms between Harry and Louis
Harry - left Louis - right

Hi, it's Louis right?

Oh uh, yeah...

I wanted to let you know
that you can talk to me
whenever you need x

oh wow, you don't know how much this means to me... thank you Harry :)

It's Hazza to you mister ;)

Oh Whoops 😅 I didn't think you actually liked that nickname...

Of course I like it! You
thought of it :)

Why did you message me?
Its not like im your friend
This was probably a dare
From one of your friends.

It wasn't actually :)
I messaged you because you seem to be going through a hard time and I've seen you in my comments before so I decided to check out your account, and I didn't like you being sad so I messaged you :)

I'm just sad because of a stupid breakup.

I know breakups can be hard
Its okay to be sad :)
Even if I don't like seeing your
Pretty face cry

You've not seen me cry haz :')

I dont want to

Why are you being so
nice to me? ;-;

Because people should always
treat others with kindness :)

Okay fiiiine :)

Oh by the way
Whenever i post something, and
it ends with a green heart from
now on, it means its for you x

Oh wow, uh thank you :)

No problem :)

This is gonna sound really
cringey but im a huge fan, and this
made my day so much better.
Thank you ^-^

Awh :3 that's so sweet ^-^
Thank you for listening to my
music :)

It's amazing :)

I have to go now :(
It was nice talking to you Lou :)
Bye x

Bye hazza :) x


Ew this is so shitty ;-;
I didn't know what to write okay ;-; sorry ;;;;;-;;;;;

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