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Zayn - Hey Lou x

Louis - hello babyy xxx

Zayn - so uh this is really awkward to text, so is it okay if we could call?

Louis - is is really important? You know how I am with calling ;-;

Zayn - yeah, it's pretty serious tbh

Louis - okay, call whenever x


Louis feels his phone buzzing, he looks at the caller ID, even though he obviously knows who it is.

Louis' always been hesitant to make phone calls, because it just made him really nervous for some reason.

He picks up his phone, and swipes the green 'pick up.' Button upwards.

"Zayn?" Louis asks, even though he knows who it is.

After a short moment -that felt like ages for Louis- had passed, Louis heard Zayn sigh.

"Hi Lou, so i wanted to talk to you about something I've been thinking about for a while now." Zayn sighs deeply, worrying Louis even more.

"Uhm, okay, i uh, do you just want to tell me or...?" Louis suggested, but his sentence came out sounding more like a question.

"Yeah, so I've felt really weird lately, and as in the bad weird. I always just get this feeling around you whenever we hang out, that my gut just screams out as 'you don't love him like you used to.' So I've been out more the past two or three weeks, and I've met a girl, were not dating and no I'm not cheating on you, I just really like her, and I always feel so tingly around her, kind of like I used to feel around you.
But now I don't feel those emotions to you anymore, and I think I'm just ready to take on something new." Zayn audibly mumbles out.

Louis was stunned.
Absolutely thunderstruck.
He was expecting like a family death or car crash or something, but in no way had louis expectes this.

"So in other words, i want to break up with you." You can hear Zayn's voice sounding firm, assured of himself.

"I, yeah, i mean uh, yeah." Louis stumbles upon his words, trying to find the correct to his now ex-boyfriends statement.

"We dont have to become enemies or something, we can just stay friends if you prefer that.
I just want you to know that I think I'm in love with someone, and thay someone just doesn't happen to be you... im sorry." Zayn confirms.

"Yeah... yeah that'll be fine. We can stay friends..." Louis manages to mumble out.

"I uh, i have to go. Good luck with your new girlfriend. Bye" Louis says, and hangs up before he can even hear Zayn's response.

His eyes brimmed with tears, Louis walks over to his bed next to which he was sitting on his office chair.

Then it really hit him,

Zayn malik, his ex boyfriend just dumped him over the phone, for another person.

And that's when the tears started to roll down Louis' cheeks.

4 years in a relationship with the person he wanted to spend his life with, and it all seemed wasted now.



im sorryyyyyy!

Please don't kill me! I needed some drama or well, feelings in this bookkkk

Ok well I hope you enjoyed :)

Comment what you think of these sorts of chapters once in a while :)

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