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Harrystyles: Due to reasons you all know, I'm putting the tour on hold, I promise I'll come back, but I need to take a break.

For all you wondering, Louis attempted suicide yesterday evening. I had sent Liam to go save him, and thankfully he got there just on time. 2 minutes longer and the love of my life would be dead.
Right now he's not awake but he's in hospital and recovering, he might not survive but we're all hoping the best for him.
I'm so, so sorry.

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Liampayne: it's going to be rough but we'll get through this.
Niallhoran: yeah we have to, for Lou.

Soften: he'll be alright, it's Lou we're talking about :)

L.tml: this all got so out of hand, now my baby is hurt 😭😭

Louisisafag: oh well, shouldve let him bleed out for all I care.

Annetwist: I'll come over some time this week love ❤

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