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Louist91: clouds can pass, bad moods can too, but I've been waiting 3 years for mine to pass and they're still not gone...

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Soften: you'll be okay Lou ❤
Louist91: I'm tired of people who keep telling lies.

Harrystyles: I promise it'll get better 💚🌹
Louist91: don't promise stuff you're not sure of, you'll look like a liar.
Harrystyles: Lou... 😕

Bitch: hope you kys, then we'll be happy 🖕🏻
Louist91: you have a point
Bitch: wait what
Harrystyles: don't you fucking dare Lou.

Niallhoran: Lou it'll get better. ❤
Louist91: lying makes you go to hell Ni, you deserve to be in heaven.
Niallhoran: but I'm not lying :/

Liampayne: if you want to talk, I'm here ❤

Kyslouis: finally learned to listen. Fuck you 🖕🏻
Soften: what the fuck is wrong with you!?

L.tml: ok this hate has gotten way out of hand. We obviously don't know the full story which is acceptable because we don't need to know everything about Louis' life, but he's probably suffering from mental health problems. All this hate he's getting isn't deserved, no one deserves it and especially not someone who's already suffered enough.
All you haters can go fuck themselves, I hope you've achieved what you wanted, total chaos.
Bitch: damn.


Sorry ive not written lately, stuffs been really hectic in my life and I'm taking care of my friend (personal reasons that I'm not going to share) so I might write randomly but there's also a chance I don't for a month, it really depends.

Hope you understand x

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